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Hey Hey Hey! Guess what time it is!? That’s right, it’s Easter! Wait… oh nevermind it’s the Event Post! This one is a juicy one so grab a snack, kick your feet up and get ready for a fruitastic read!


Survival Statistics

  • Number of players since opening day: 15503
  • Current monthly donation progress: 168%!
  • Current monthly top donator: Cahms

Skyblock Statistics

  • Number of players since opening day: 634
  • Current monthly donation progress: 22%!
  • Current monthly top donator: Narmina


Wiki Development

Developed collaboratively by the community of Fruitsters, the Fruit Servers Wiki is beginning to thrive. Special thanks go to our very own veteran moderator ipoodalittle, who has worked exceptionally hard in tuning the wiki into a threshold of fruity goodness.

All members of the FruitBowl are very welcome to add their additions to the Fruit Servers Wiki. It is an open source just waiting for a fruity touch!


This week has seen the promotion of RohDawg1998, ImHiding and Sleapy, who have each successfully completed their trials and are now moderators of Fruit Servers!  These three fruitheads have shown prowess and initiative, and are fit for the position, and we couldn’t be more excited to have them as part of the team.

Our strongest congratulations also have been sent out to our new VETERAN moderator, Demski! Demski has been a valued asset to the FruitBowl for several months, and we hope she remains part of the team forever! Well done Demski!

Notable Weddings

Marriages this week been more… exciting than last! This week 3 individuals were stolen from the singles list! However…. maybe some drama next week ;)

Congratulations too:

DragonDestiny - G3TMedium    (Couple Name : G3TDestiny)

crustman941 - lepotatoMan     (Couple Name : CrustyPotatoMen)

Kandee - flyingJoo     (Couple Name : flyngDee)


Musical Chairs Event

Next week on the Friday, 27th musical chairs will be held for the week’s event! Musical Chairs is a fruity-favourite, so get down there for a guaranteed fruitastic time!

Be there or be square!

Build Competition

This month is once again, coming to an end! That also means the the build competition is coming to an end! Make sure to put your name in the comment section of the November Monthly Post if you want to have the chance to win!

If you haven’t started already, get cracking! Remember, the theme for this month’s build competition is ‘Mini-games’. The competition is being held in the creative world, click here to see the fruity rules!

We have some final inspiration for you this week!

Good Luck!

Friday Event

This weeks event was Hide and Seek! We had a great turnout and we all had a lot of fun! Special thanks go to our very own PrinceMuu for providing the community with his desert build for use!

We had 4 rounds, each with three or four winners who all received fruitastic prizes.

Round 1:

  • Winners: CatGotYourTongue, Jwidja, TukaChinchilla, Daemondark

Round 2:

  • Winners: Apatix4869, Jwidja, Jwidja, ImMeloon

Round 3:

  • Winners: CatGotYourTongue, SpraksFly, ImMeloon, Jwidja

Bonus round:

  • Winners: CatGotYourTongue, Jwidja, AshleighMichelle

A a fruit filled congratulations to all winners!

Thanks to everyone that stuck around to participate in the event and I hope you all had a juicy, fruity time!

If you didn't win anything this week, worry not. Stay tuned for next week's JUICY friday event -- Musical Chairs!

Staff Applications

This month is coming to an end which means staff application time is almost here! If you think you have what it takes to be apart of the team make sure to fill out an application form! Remember! Moderator applications only remain open for the first week of every month! So get in fast!

Builder and Event Manager application forms are open all-month-round, a reminder that if you have a creative edge, you are very welcome to apply!

Meme of the Week

So that's it for this week folks! Make sure to come back this time next week to keep up to date with all of the FruitSurvival news and gossip!

Love from your favourite red hooded mystery man, Dantoke

End of Post.