Fruit Pixelmon Reset - Friday Morning
Written by Opalz

Hello fellow Fruitsters!

Can you believe that Fruit Pixelmon was launched over 9 months ago? We like to think it has been an excellent addition to the Fruitverse.

Like all new servers though, it takes a while for us to get them right. There has been a lot of work done to Pixelmon, improving many different aspects of gameplay and responding to community feedback.Now, it is time though for the first reset for Fruit Pixelmon, to allow us to continue our lovely lovely journey catching all the Pokemon.

The server will reset early Friday morning, just in time for Easter.

As per usual, everything will be reset - Pokemon, Balances, mcmmo, enderchests etc

Ranks and perks are kept.

Got any questions? Drop them below so we can answer them.

Until then, get excited!

End of Post.