Fruit Salad
Written by Goldsta

Hey there fruitloops! Goldsta here, filling in for our very busy event managers. We'll be playing catch-up this week since we've missed a few of these, so buckle up and get ready for another Weekly Post!

Good day to you all!

Unfortunately Jylon and Zaffy_ have been swamped with duties outside of their gaming life, so the rest of the staff team will be popping up here and there to take care of their responsibilities. For today's post, your friendly neighbourhood flop in Gold armour will be taking over!


Survival World
Number of players since opening day: 15333!
Monthly donation progress: 141%
Current top monthly donator: Cahms!

Skyblock World
Number of players since opening day: 600!
Monthly donation progress: 17%
Current top monthly donator: Narimna!


To celebrate Halloween, we had our very talented Gamerbabe spookify (yes that's a word now) spawn, a few staff members ran around dishing out delicious little melon sweets and scrumptious sticky toffee to unsuspecting players, and a little skin competition was held! You folks really stepped it up during the event, we were very impressed with all of the disfigured faces and gory limbs hanging about! Players were then judged and neat little prizes were given to the winners of each category.

Scariest: Kitty_Kat1811                                  Goriest: YouCantBarch
Most Creative: Goldsta                                   Cutest: exploding_roses
Funniest: Chickay_San

To top it all off, a halloween sale was held with all perks related to undead monstrosities being discounted! The sale was hugely successful and we hope you'll be just as excited about what we have planned for Christmas! (No, I will not be spoiling anything....yet)

Skyblock Official Opening!

Following Halloween, we decided to skip event night so we could prepare properly for the next day. What was on the next day, you ask? It was the official opening of Fruitservers Skyblock! We celebrated by introducing Sky Wars to the server, which became incredibly popular and insanely competitive. On the day of the opening, there was a 30% discount on ALL skyblock items. This was reduced to 15% for the remainder of the week.

What this means, is that Skyblock is out of beta and just about every nasty little bug has been exterminated. Everything has been smoothed out, and little things have been added in here and there by popular demand! Want something added to the donation store on skyblock? Need another item added to the ingame store? Rush over to the forums and express yourselves!

Boat Races!

This friday our very first boat racing event! The course was designed by, you guessed it, Gamerbabe! The course proved very tricky to navigate, seeing how not a single one of you finished the race with your boat intact! Clumsy bunch...

A total of 6 rounds were held, although prizes were only given to the winners of the first 3 rounds. The winners were as follows.

Round 1                                                 Round 2                           Round 3                      
1st place: BlueBoost                              1st place: BlueBoost         1st place: MrFrogster
2nd place: Kawaii_Katt                          2nd place: MrFrogster       2nd place: Daemondark
3rd place: iMeoww                                 3rd place: DaemonDar      3rd place: Lagoona3

Newly wedded couples

For all of you lovebirds looking to get hitched, you're in luck! The staff team is apparently full of love gurus, just ask Zaffy_ or Jylon! Searching for that special someone? Trying to find your soulmate? Just speak to one of these class acts and they'll have you hooked up in no time ;) (They might charge you for this, since it's a service after all) Let's take a moment to congratulate these newly wedded fruits!

<3 Karbon_ + CatGotYourTongue <3
<3 iMeoww + Cahms <3
<3 Cherryblossm + The_legend_asa <3

Build Competition

This month's theme is Minigames, and it's being held in the creative world! This is your opportunity to really stand out and prove your mettle as a builder, as these minigames you design may well be incorporated into the Event schedule if they're good enough!

Once you've completed your build, you can enter the competition by posting your name or a warp to your creative plot under the November post on the main page of the website.

- Build must be finished by the 29th of November
- Users MUST work individually
- Build must follow the theme of the month
- Build must be created in the creative world
- Only one entry per user

- 1st place wins a $20 store voucher and $7000 in game.
- 2nd place wins a $15 store voucher and $5000 in game.
- 3rd place wins a $10 store voucher and $3000 in game.

Builder Rank!

The builder rank has finally been smoothed out and we are now accepting applications all month long! These applications will be overseen by Gamerbabe, who is our Head-Builder. Do you think you have what it takes to spearhead breathtaking build projects for this amazing server? Well what are you waiting for, apply now! To find out a little more, refer to Gamerbabe's information-filled post on the main page!

Disclaimer: The following image was found through a google search and is not from Fruitservers!

That's all for this week folks! Special mention to Zaffy_ and demski who took the time out of their day to help out with this post. I hope you all have a stellar week!

End of Post.