Fruit Survival Reset - Friday Morning
Written by H1N9

Hello fellow Fruitsters!

The time has come again for another survival reset. The current map has now lasted us nearly 7 months which is pretty good.

Potentially it could have lasted us a bit longer but we have decided to do a reset now for a few reasons.

1. 1.17 will bring in the largest changes to map generation for quite a while, this update is scheduled to come out mid - late year and our current map won't last that long. Wiping the server now will give the next map a good amount of time...

2. The nether has been destroyed and resetting it is not as simple as we would like. If we reset the nether, your portal destination might spawn you inside a wall in the new nether. Suffocating to death isn't fun.

3. Several resets ago, we decided that resetting with new MC updates should be avoided if possible due to the laggy and buggy nature of new updates. There aren't anymore for 1.16 planned and the optimisation is pretty good.

The server will reset early Friday morning, just in time for Valentines.

As per usual, everything will be reset - Balances, mcmmo, enderchests etc

If you want to save something, make sure you place it into your Fruit Collectables stash. Type /fc for more info.

For those who bought the Aus Day Special, don't worry, we have you covered and more info will be available after the reset on how to re-claim your item.
We will not be moving builds across to the new map as always but we might look at uploading the map for the first time ever...

If you have any questions about the reset, post below and I'll answer them.

Until then, get excited!

End of Post.