Fruit Weekly
Written by Briezyy

Hey my fellow fruitsters, Briezyy here, thought I would just breeze by and deliver you all the juicy weekly news, Please ignore the horrible pun. It's been exciting week in the fruitbowl with all the events and marriages, so let's get straight into it.

The Rundown

Survival Statistics

  • Number of players since 1.9 reset: 4260
  • Current monthly donation progress: 126%
  • Current monthly top donor: melongrip

The donations have slowed compared to recent months, even though we still smashed the monthly donation total! Its nice to see the fruitbowl reaching the monthly total every week.

Skyblock Statistics

  • Number of players since opening day: 3960
  • Current monthly donation progress: 39%
  • Current monthly top donator: SunoKelly

The donations for skyblock have been a bit slow as of yet, here's to hoping it's a late bloomer and will smash their monthly total!

Fruity News

Yesterday seen the return of mcmmo, it has been quite a bumpy road with all the issue with mcmmo as of being updated to 1.9, fingers crossed that it is all behind us now and it will only be smooth sailing from here on out.

Friday seen the vote crates have received some new unique rewards Party elytra, Party Dragon along with a few more items to hopefully add some freshness to the rewards and encourage more players to vote for our fruitilicious server. Get voting and try to win some of these amazing prizes.

Events every night! Yes that’s right, The staff team will be hosting an event every night for all you fruitsters out there, this will be happening till the end of the school holidays. So be sure to pop by if possible and join in on the fun and win some great prizes.

Just a little teaser that there may be a new staff rank coming soon…..  Stay Tuned!

Staff News

During the Easter weekend madness saw the promotion of Kelikia from T-Mod to Mod, some time has passed since and i'm sure everyone has already congratulated him on his achievement, but if you haven’t done so be sure to congratulate him when you see him next.

We also seen two new skyblock staff members Mall cop aka Staffii and Quackum promoted to T-Mod , if you see them online be sure to congradulate them on joining the fruitbowl staff team. We look foward to seeing the next round of moderator applications for skyblock next month, if you are intrested in the postion be sure to apply at the start of next month.

To all you fruitsters, staff applications will be open all month long. If you think you have the experience and attitude necessary to become a fruitbowl staff member, then don’t be shy to apply for the position Click Here If becoming a moderator is not your cup of tea, and you love to build be sure to have a look at the applications for the builder rank! Click Here

Upcoming Events and Reminders

Among with having an event every night, so lucky… This Friday coming with be trivia night! A wide variety of questions will be used from what is goldsta’s nickname *cough Flopster cough* to when was the map reset. So be prepared to answer some funny and challenging questions.

Another reminder that there is no build competition this month due to the lack of players participating in last month's competition.

Currently we are trialling a new scheme which allows players to build and host their own events. If you have some unique ideas or outright crazy be sure to check out ipoodalittle’s post Click Here which outlines the conditions that must be met to host your own event. If you have followed the conditions and brought this idea to life be sure submit your event by messing ipoodalittle via mail ingame or via the website.


Newly weds of the fruitbowl

Mr_Nebula_ + DatBaccaGurl

uTR8TR + IMeoww

Dimbotron + EasterBee

Green_rainbow + Kel_Thuzad_7

Eiar + W0LF_BL00D

BadgerNootNoot + Quackaz

Aphroditie + EZ420

Event Recaps

We have have seen quite a few events since the last weekly post and still plenty more to come over these much needed school holidays with an event happening every night. Here we have the winners from the recent events.

Hide n Seek

Round 1:

AshleySx, Apotoxin, uTR8R, Frieddd, Jimmaone, uTR8R

Round 2:

Le_commandant, Le_commandant, Lagoonaa, AshleySx, Frieddd, Frieddd

Round 3:

Dimbotron, Frieddd, Frieddd, Frieddd, Lagoonaa, Frieddd

Tnt Run

Round 1: Cahms

Round 2: melongrip

Round 3: ItsSquish

Round 4: Kel_Thuzad_7

Round 5: Cahms

Round 6: Hadaru

Round 7: Kel_Thuzad_7

Round 8: HelloMelon

Round 8: Le_Commandant

Round 9: Cahms

Bonus Staff Round: Briezyy

Obstacle Course

Round 1

Le_Commandant, Ambersta, BadgerNootNoot

Round 2

Le_Commandant, melongrip, EasterBee

Round 3

Lagoona, BadgerNootNoot, HelloMelon

Round 4

Melongrip, Lagoona, Dinnersawr

Round 5

Quackaz, BongKnight, Dimbotron

Capture the Flag

Blue Team 2 - 2 Red Team

Blue Team MVP: AshleySx

Red Team MVP: HelloMellon

Congratulations to all of the winners above and again thank you for participating!

A quick mention, last night saw the first of the player created events hosted by RedDeadFlame31 although it did not go fully to plan it still is a unique idea for an event, red has created a forum post for feedback and creative criticism regarding the event Villager Hockey. If you have some idea’s please drop by the post and leave a comment. Click Here

That’s all from me, thanks for tuning in to the weekly fruitbowl post.


End of Post.