Fruitoween is Upon us!
Written by PaperCactus

Hello everyone! PaperCactus here bringing you to up to date with Survival madness over the past week! Lets go right into it!

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It’s been a hyped up week in survival as our Halloween Event is just around the corner. People have been decorating their houses with pumpkins and cobwebs; starting to get into the spooky mood and putting on some frightening costumes!

Wednesday’s event was Prop Hunt! Although we didn’t have as many players as last time, we still had plenty of fun and some mishaps. Our three winners raced to the finish line with their coarse dirt and took home their prizes. Coming in first was Kiddchrome, second  was Poketz and making it third was Doctor_Smite.

Friday’s event had players bouncing around on slime and running for their lives as Spleef went into full action. Mods watched on as several players came out as winners! They are Headlouse, Vesppe, zsdfs, Dory7, LittleSsavage and DiamondMaster98.

Staff Update

We’ve gotten a new Trial Mod to join the gang! Nickygs will be learning the ropes and being the new face in the Mod Squad!

Halloween Events

We are happy to announce that the Halloween Crafting has begun! Spookeys can be purchased from the survival store and gives players a chance to win some rare ingredients to use to craft some unique recipes for the witch! BUT be careful not to stockpile items as the witch may change her mind and request different recipes. To check out the current recipes, head over to our forums!

Link: Craft Event Info

Starting Monday we are opening up the Halloween Spooktacular! The Builders have been  working their butts off and we can guarantee you will be both amazed and scared!

Selfie of the week

This week Selfie of the week goes to spleggety! They are rocking that mustache and probably regrets what they  have built! Oh my gosh look at all those pigmen! They have scored themselves a Spookey!


We only got to wed one couple this week! Welcome newlyweds:

TGAP_Cali ❤ CosmicFluffy


Hey pals! We’re coming to the end of Spooktober, But we still have plenty of things happening over on skyblock!

Staff updates

This week we saw the lovely Gizalien get promoted to MOD!! We’re always looking for staff so If you’re interested in joining the skyblock staff try your luck in applying!
Click here to apply!


With our Halloween exclusives available in the token shop, we’ve been pumping out events. More players means more pop up events, more pop up events means more tokens! Remember to visit us as often as possible to maximise your chances of getting those limited edition items.

We had an electrifying game of Thunderdome on Tuesday! Our survivors were Silverfall11, D2xx, Gylfmeister, and Mz_Tee!

This week’s game of Edges saw our contestants dropping like flies. Our winners were Silverfall11, SpookySplegg, Mmaster12345, D2xx, and Mz_Tee!

And for some fresh meat! An old favourite has had a facelift, it’s KOTH! Last people standing were D2xx, ChoccyLatte, and Hulleycane!

Be sure to check out the Halloween Crafting event currently running! There are some Amazing Prizes to be won!

>>Marriages of the week!<<

No marriages this week :(

Selfie of the Week

This week's selfie of the week goes to


We had another busy week working hard on more bug fixes and optimisations, including the return of loot crates! So get back out there and start exploring, you never know what amazing finds are just around the corner. Before you head out exploring, have a look at the prison store, there are two new fancy cosmetic hats for sale, so you can look for finest while hunting loot crates and mining blocks. Also don't forget to check out the special Halloween item instore now for a limited time only.

Build Competition

The Build Competition is almost done and will be drawn soon.!!

This month is October and so we are asking for some Halloween spooky scary builds, we want them so scary we will have nightmares! This competition will have size restrictions so be sure to pay attention to the rules!

Competition Rules

  • The build must be a Maximum of a 100 x 100 blocks. To stay within this boundary, we suggest creating a border to work within.
  • The build must have something to do with Halloween! Make it scary!
  • Build must be completed by October 30th 8pm AEST.
  • You must work alone, if you do not you will be disqualified.
  • All entries must be built on the creative server.
  • As cool as pixel art is, this isn’t the place for it.
  • Don’t copy another person’s work, whether it be from in or outside of the server. BE ORIGINAL!
  • We need at LEAST 5 people to participate to hand out prizes, so spread the word!
  • This build needs to have been started and completed within the month of October.
  • Completed entries that don't earn a prize will net the builder a token on their server of choice

Thanks everyone and enjoy your Halloween!

End of Post.