Fruity School Holidays!
Written by witty ~

Heya there Fruitsters! Its Witty here bringing you another lovely weekly post! School Holidays are finally here and both servers have their own plans to celebrate. Lets get into it shall we?

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Beyond the Bowl

Holiday Fun!

Thankfully school holidays are finally upon us! Both Skyblock and Survival have things planned to make the most of everyones time off! So, make sure to manage your time wisely and pop onto our beloved Fruit Servers as often as possible, you won't want to miss out! To get you guys excited, Survival will be having an ALL DAY event full of games and prizes, Skyblock will be hosting random events at multiple times throughout the day, and we will even have a forum Selfie Contest! Lights camera actions fruitlings, its time to look snazzy and take the best selfie you can!

Special New Tags!

Players and staff will now have fancy little tags to show off in-game with special achievements! There are a variety of tags you can earn, including:
- Player/Staff of the month
- Top donor
- Top voter
- Build comp and vote comp winner
- Special event winners
You can apply them with /tags.

Limited Timed Items!

Fidget Spinners! We can all only hope to be as cool and trendy as Goldsta. But, luckily for you we have some Fruit Servers Fidget Spinners made to bring you one step closer to his level! Complete with a beautiful Fruit logo and made from stainless steel, these spinners even double as a keyring! Check them out HERE. They are $15 including postage to anywhere in Australia.

Staff Updates!

Both staff teams have seen quite a few changes this month! On Survival we sadly say goodbye to SilverDeviluke but thank him for all his hardwork and time that he gave us! And on Skyblock we unfortunately see the departure of SweeterThanSugar/Cowskin and Deadly_Arachnid. Thank you both for your dedication and the amount of effort you put into the server. The team wont be the same without you guys! On a happier note, we say congrats to BigSauce_ and D2xx for passing their Skyblock trial period and becoming Moderators! Great job guys.

Remember if you feel like you have the chance and time to give us a hand on the staff team you can go to the staff section on the fruit page to apply for Moderatator or Builder. At present we are not taking applications for Event-c.


As always both servers ran some insanely fun events this week! Just wait for the upcoming days, much more is planned.

Starting out on Skyblock we have some Bingo! It seems to be a growing obsession with us recently..

Round #                                 Winner

1                                              _Jasta

2                                              Zelorium

3                                              Jadieee

4                                              Naneek_Mot

And would you look at that, MORE Bingo! I swear if it was up to you guys, no other events would be held :P Freakin Bingo addicts, all of you.

Round #                                 Winner

1                                              M30J

2                                              Slykitty121

3                                              Aloroar

4                                              D2xx

5                                              TheDeadBushes

Finally switching it up a bit with some Musical Chairs! I'd like to annonuce that I officially hold the title of "Fruit DJ of The Year" with pride ;D

Round #                                 Winner

1                                              M30J

2                                              Slykitty121

3                                              Aloroar

4                                              D2xx

5                                              TheDeadBushes

And to end off this weeks events on Skyblock, we let you Fruitsters try your luck getting through the maze! Staff truly enjoyed watching you all get lost and struggle to find your way through. I mean what

Round #              Winner 1st              Winner 2nd                Winner 3rd

1                          BigSauce_               yobro11                       TheLittleLachy

2                          ItsBacca                  TheLittleLachy             _Kozzie

3                          _Kozzie                   TheLittleLachy             emoji_cat

Heading over to Survival, we started out this week with a HUGE game of Thunderdome! The staff had quite the laugh when poor demski got her fly/godmode taken away by RohDawg and was smited like a player. Killing the same people gets old, ya have to spice it up a bit when you can ;D

Round #                                 Winner

1                                              Hazzber

2                                              TheLittleLachy

3                                              TheLittleLachy

4                                              Hazzber

5                                              PenguinLover_

6                                              Rysci

7                                              Zelorium

8                                              Cupid

9                                              toxican325

10                                            Hazzber

And ending off this weeks events was Survivals version of The Maze! How any of you find your way through is beyond me but somehow these players came out victorius!

Round #               Winner 1st               Winner 2nd                Winner 3rd

1                           Serestra                  Glacie                         Kwonghayfatchoy

Upcoming events:

Coming up this week we have:

On Sunday we have Holiday Fun hosted on Survival

On Wednesday we have a Surprise Event hosted on Survival

On Friday we have Regicide hosted on Survival

On Saturday we have Corners hosted on Skyblock

NOTE: Both Servers will be hosting random events throughout the week that aren't planned! Keep an eye out :D



Glacie ♥ Lizzzzzy

Bulk_Bogan ♥ Cupid

ItsBacca ♥ Zelorium

ItsSquish ♥ PotassiumDOT

BambiLilo ♥ Pemella

LottyPlayzMC ♥ Pyo_Wolf


mynamejep ♥ Atra_Nex

Brad____ ♥ Yopsy

BigSauce_ ♥ M30J

TheDeadBushes ♥ connoraj910

Build Competition

The theme for Septembers build comp is Futuristic! Head over to our creative server and build what your future looks like-in block form!

Competition Rules
- Build must be finished by 29th September.
- Players are restricted to working individually.
- Build must be completed on the Creative Server.
- Do not build chestrooms, spawners, massive farms etc. We want creativity, not everyday things.
- Only one entry per individual.
- No pixel art!
- Keep redstone minimal if you must use it.
- Do NOT copy anyone else's builds, not even ones you find on Google images!
- Minimum 5 entries. There will be no winners announced if we don't get at least 5 entries!
- Builds need to be started and completed within the same month. You cannot use assets from previous entries.

Thats it for this week Fruitlings. I hope you're all enjoying your time off and will take advantage of the free time you have to pop online more often ;D See you all in game soon!

~Witty <3

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