Halfway through the year!
Written by Zozua

Hi Fruitsters!! Welcome to another weekly post by your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man Zozua! Can you believe it's already June?! Man times flies when you're having fun :D Lets get to it then!

Donating Statistics



Player Count: 12821!

Player Count: 2600!

Currently 23% of monthly donation goal

Currently 43% of monthly donation goal

Current monthly top donator: The88thMidnight

Current monthly top donator: iSurgez

Beyond the Bowl

We had a lot happen in the last two weeks!

On Survival this week we had Rohdawg1998 and Glacie promoted to Mod!  We also welcomed back two old staff members, both Blivh and SparkleyFlopcorn have been promoted to T-Mod. Sadly two staff members have had to step down due to personal reasons. Thank you Malzi and Mimosa2 for their time and effort helping out the server.

On Skyblock we had WittyQuipHere promoted to Mod+. Sadly deadly_arachnid has had to step down due to IRL problems getting in the way. Thankyou deadly_arachnid for helping out Fruit Server.

Remember if you feel like you have the chance and time to give us a hand on the staff team you can go to the Staff section on the fruit page to apply for Builder, Event-C or Mod!


We have two weeks of events to catch up on! Here is Survival's events.

First off we had Corners! You Fruitster's rushed around to each corner once the music stopped hoping that your corner wasn't the cursed one. Some of you even changed your mind two or three times! Well done to the winners:

Round 1: ____Tyler

Round 2: NGGSoulStopper

Round 3: Demski

Round 4: phungie

Round 5: Malzi

Round 6: Traxexx

Up second was Build Battle where teams of Fruitster's versed each other in creating something spectacular in a short period of time. I'm sure there was amazing builds done by everyone but there only must be one winner. Here they are:

Round 1 - Malzi, Wolfette85, Nebula_ and Dimbotron

Round 2 - Malzi, TBNRBobby, SparklyFlopcorn

Round 3 - Minecraftydonkey, Sparklyflopcorn, frettje03

Up next we had Hide and Seek! Fruitster's scrambled around trying to find the staff disguised as little rabbits/chickens. We even H1N9 join in for a few rounds adding to the chaos! Well done to the winners:

Ahtnamas80 - Nebula_ / lilshortyrae / SparkleyFlopcorn / Steel_OverMetal

SilverDeviluke - TheSilentKnight_ / Nebula_ / Kabiem / Kabiem

Malzi - TBNRBobby / Spartan94 / Kabiem / Kabiem

Matea78 - TBNRBobby / Steel_OverMetal / Nebula_ / Dimbotron

Spike_M - Nebula_ / Vaniish / Remex_ /

Glacie - Dimbotron / Nebula_ / Koboyashi / Remex_

Mr_Horizon - Steel_OverMetal / Steel_OverMetal / Nebula_ / remex_

H1N9 - TheSilentKnight_ / its_benny_ / SparkleyFlopcorn

Finally we had TNT Run! Nothing like dozens of TNT falling to really test out my computer. There was some close calls but only one person can survive till the end. Here they are:

Round 1: Sanderpower098

Round 2: PTownNoob

Round 3: PenguinLover_

Round 4: TheSilentKnight_

Round 5: Ubersaurus

Round 6: TheSilentKnight_

And now Skyblock! Man have you guys been busy enjoying yourselves. I can't believe how many events were run!

We had Hide and Seek in spawn. Only a short game but it was so fun. I even joined in for a round! Congratulations to the winners:

Round 1: D3Shant3 & Soozer8

Bingo was up next with 6 rounds to be had. I'm sure some of you were only one off winning but sadly a different item was called out instead. Well done to the winners:

Round 1: Moonlight_s

Round 2: MinionCuddler

Round 3: Teterine

Round 4: Inndi

Round 5: Inndi

Round 6: Teterine

Pop Quiz was the next event to be held on Skyblock. The staff tested your knowledge on all things minecraft. Hope you learned some facts about Minecraft that you didn't know before. Congratulations to the winners:

Round 1: slimducksalad

Round 2: Aba_Squido

Round 3: UncleTobysSon

Round 4: vic61

Round 5: vic61

Round 6: iSurgez

And finally on Skyblock we had Musical Chairs. Dancing around and around to the music then rushing to a seat caused all kinds of chaos! Cheers to the winners:

Round 1: Mr_Nath

Round 2: spiderpoison646

Round 3: Sparkly_bubble

Wow that was a lot of events! Never a shortage of events to play on Fruit Servers!

Notable Weddings








____Tyler MCbrandonbro

The theme for June's build competition is Steampunk! This is a somewhat complex theme that has been thrown around for a while now. Steampunk can be described as - "a genre of science fiction that has a historical setting and typically features steam-powered machinery rather than advanced technology." This theme will require players to come up with unique ideas and hopefully spend weeks working on their project. We expect to see great things!

Competition Rules
- Build must be finished by 30th June.
- Players are restricted to working individually.
- Build must be completed on the Creative Server.
- Do not build chestrooms, spawners, massive farms etc. We want creativity, not everyday things.
- Only one entry per individual.
- No pixel art!
- Keep redstone minimal if you must use it.
- Do NOT copy anyone else's builds, not even ones you find on Google images!
- Minimum 5 entries. There will be no winners announced if we don't get at least 5 entries!
- Builds need to be started and completed within the same month. You cannot use assets from previous entries.


End of Post.