Written by Jylon

Hello all creepy crawlers to a special event, a spine chilling competition by yours truly..

On Friday we will be hosting an event unlike any other, this event will test your pixel placing skills and challenge the inner spookster that lies within you. For on that haunted evening, on that Friday the 30th, the monsters come out to play. The spooky staff members will be hosting a Halloween themed skin competition, we want you to make the most detailed...most deadly....most creepy skin that can be made possible!

Enter the Haunted House of Gamerbabe if you dare. Don't mind the flesh eating zombies that lay around, they don't bite...very hard muahAHAHAH. Ahem. Once in our little trap- I mean once in our little cabin lost in the woods, you'll all be judged with your most creepy and undead looking skins on. Are you frightened? Good. Now let's see who will become the most bloodcurdling skin maker of that night and see who will live another day....muahahaAHAhhaHAHAHAHAHAH.

Last but not least we recommend the Chorma Hills Texture pack for best visuals!


  • Don't take credit for skins you didn't make.
  • Gore is allowed
  • Please listen to Staff when told to do a certain task.
  • Mistreating others or the enviroment is an obvious disqualify.
  • Don't forget to screamm...

See you there...muaha...

End of Post.