Happy Birthday Fruitservers!
Written by Bayleecraft

Christmas in 3 sleeps, record breaking heat and so much more has happened this week!

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Players Joined: 9,890

Players Joined: 3,491

Players Joined: 447

% of Monthly Goal: 1023%

% of Monthly Goal: 414%

% of Monthly Goal: 95%

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Server Announcements

Very important news from Goldsta

Cyber Safety

Hello Fruitsters! This one's just a general reminder to be aware of who you're interacting with and who you're exchanging information with. It's important that you don't exchange private information with people you don't fully trust - you are more than welcome to consult staff about this issue if you have any questions.

From the lovely H1N9

Fruit turned 5 this week! It has been a massive 5 years and it has been great to be apart of such a vibrant and growing community.

I would love you all to share a favourite moment of your time on Fruit in the comments below.

A special thanks as well to all of the staff that have dedicated their time to making Fruit the special place that it is. In particularly, the three community managers (Ahtnamas80, Vixxee and Goldsta) who also put in countless hours.

A reminder that each server store has free presents at the moment! The Limited Time section includes two free mini pets for everyone. Don't forget to snap them up!

Now he has spoken his wise words let's get right into the newsssss.


Staff Updates

No staff updates this week :( BUT you could change that!

Our Staff Squad is currently on the hunt for Moderators, Builders and Event-Coordinators! So if you’re interested in applying… follow this link! https://www.fruitservers.net/staff



On Sunday the first of December we opened our wonderful winter wonderland of /warp christmas! If you have not checked out this area yet we really recommend you do, there are tonnes of activities to participate in and it is just a wonderful place to explore!

Each week we will be hosting a


-Spot the Difference

-Find the Hidden word

-Find the Hidden head

Over the month you can also participate in our count the snowflakes competition!

There are no winners this week as it will be carried over to the next weekly post! Please continue to put entries in for the activities!

Our fourth Christmas event was Build Battle!! We had many players come onto creative and have a fun filled night. We hosted 3 rounds with 3 themes. Round one winners were ChuckkyG, coconuq and Siliconne! Our round 2 winners were TnTTravellers, Lukestar03MTG and Xeiich! And finally for the night round 3 winners were MANGQ, MildStatic, Lennon_Lemon and DT_004. Thank you to everyone who came!

On Friday we celebrated Fruitservers 5th Birthday! So we decided to host a fun game of Boat Race! The lucky race winners were xXShadowOwlXx,

D2xx, YaBoiGoodStuff, DerangdTurtle, barneysucc, TrixxyBeats, coconuq Deadly_Kitten0_0, yarrum00 and adjctve and the staff round winner was arcqs!

We run events every Wednesday and Friday night at 8pm AEDST but also run pop up events throughout the week so keep your eye out for those!

Selfie of the week

We haven’t seen many selfies uploaded recently and this is making us quite sad :( Do you want us to continue with this segment??











Santa Claus is coming to Skyblock!

Before we jump in, we have a message from our lovely Vixxee!

“Hey Boys and Girls! This past week on Skyblock the staff team have been very busy squashing those nasty bugs that are sometimes found lurking around.

A few of the most notable ones are:

  • Removed Hopper Limits
  • Slime and Guardians stacking incorrectly. (They now stack and die more efficiently!)
  • Temp-coop bugs.

Remember! If you find any bugs lurking around please contact Vixxee on discord, Have a safe and enjoyable Christmas!”

Now onto the going-ons in Skyblock!

The arrival of Santa is just a couple of nights away! Don’t forget to write him a letter, complete his challenging maze, have a crack at his Wordsearch, and attempt to find all the heads scattered around /warp Christmas! Make sure to take a Santa Selfie too! Our wonderful Skyblock Staff also have their own gift boxes, so feel free to show your appreciation for everything they do!

It’s been a little while since we reset, but for those of you who haven’t done Spawner Claims, feel free to follow this link! http://tiny.cc/SpawnerClaims

Staff Updates

This week we say a very sad farewell to FBG_Vashta. We wish him all the best in his future endeavours, and hope to see him around!

We’re always looking for new staff to join our team! If you feel like you have what it takes to join our Skyblock staff team, feel free to apply at https://www.fruitservers.net/staff


Unless you’re living under a rock, you would have heard that Skyblock has a shiny new Events Night!

Here’s the recap from our awesome Monday Night Events!

The players who danced their way to victory in Corners this week were Doctre_Shots, TiigerKnight, CrabbMan128 and Briarious! Well done guys!

Our next game was Mob Arena! We haven’t done this game in a while, and it was very enjoyable to play. The players who battled those monsters and won were _Benjabot, D2xx, Briarious, ItzBezz, TankDaBain, Chickenman8881, Sparkly_Bubble, Xtalize, Pikalodon and Seitanist666!

A favourite of ours then made a return to Skyblock, so we played a couple rounds of KOTH! The players who remained on top were ItzBezz, Pikalodon, D2xx and chickenman8881! Great job!

Our Saturday games night was also a big hit!

Our first event of the night was Thunderdome, we had the pleasure of playing in a brand new arena! The players who were the fastest on their feet this week were wflx, FrozenStarlight, jinglepeaa, Sparkly_Bubble and Xtalize! Great work guys!

Next up was an awesome game of Parkourrun! The players who were the best balanced were _Scyy, Xtalize, RandomnessGaming, Big_Trave, Linkyyyyy and Chickenman8881!

Our final event of the night was one we don’t play much! Craft-It was a big hit, and we hope to play it again! The teams that came out on top were TiigerKnight & RandomnessGaming, _Scyy and petal_stomper and RealMoshy & Big_Trave! Really well done!

Join us every Monday and Saturday night at 8pm AEDT to experience our games night yourself; and even earn some cool prizes! We can’t wait to see you there!


What a wonderful week of love we’ve had in the sky! Congratulations to all the cute couples!

Pikalodon                ❤                     dxkk
Mathew021             ❤           _Prepar3d

DerangedTurtle     ❤                       Huq_

Big_Trave               ❤                       wflx

YourBuddyTofu        ❤               Expect1ve

Selfie of the Week

“It’s beginning to look a lot like a Skyblock Christmas” - Congratulations Makeitup! Cute Selfie!

Remember! If you would like a chance to win an event token, post your selfies in selfie of the week!


Hopefully everyone is enjoying the Prison Server! The reset was such a big hit!

On Tuesday, we started with some fun bingo. SkellyBG, Netzaltali, WildDorito, spleggeti,chickenman8881 and Cheesemelt3009 all were the lucky victors. To finish the night, we moved to the round 999 of spleef. Shakoda, Netzaltali, Opalz and Buttjamint were the the lucky spleefers.

On Sunday we played Biome Runner! A fun parkour game which made many people rage. The lucky winners were Netzaltali, Xtalize and lucky last Ascacos. Thank you everyone for showing up to this week’s events and we’d love to see you there next week too.

Build Competition

There is no build competition at the moment. However, If you have suggestions for themes for future build competitions, please let us know in this forum thread. (https://www.fruitservers.net/forum/m/24982408/viewthread/32747290-build-competition-expression-intereststheme-ideas/post/137668583#p137668583)

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night
- Bayleecraft, MrRandom287 & Ravioli

End of Post.