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Written by Meloonnn

OhHelloo!! I didn’t see you there, How’s it going? I haven’t spoken to you all in a week and I miss you all…. But never fear… its MiniMelon here! Bringing you all another very fruity weekly post with lost of new information and updates arriving during the last week! So lets get down to business, Shall we? ~ We Shall!

The Rundown


Number of Players Joined: 6712

Currently 351% of the Monthly goal!

Current Top Donator: Terror134


Number of Players Joined: 5369

Currently 82% of the Monthly goal!

Current Top Donator: EZ420

Beyond The Bowl

This week we only have 1 staff update! Only one? Yes one, one very special one as our good old friend Cadius76 was promoted to Trial Mod on Skyblock!! How exciting! Feel free to ask him for any help on Skyblock, he’s very nice !! Also don’t forget to wish our Favourite LoshSmoak a very happy belated birthday!! Her birthday was only yesterday, its never to late… and from what I heard, she had a great birthday!

H1N9 Section

This week there have been tons of new changes on both servers and more will be coming over the next couple of weeks! Bloo has kindly put together a brand new list of reaction words to keep you all guessing. This list is significantly harder than the old one and has some good surprises in it. Good luck working out all of the new words.

The release of 1.10 has given us the opportunity to introduce some cool new perks for all of you. Night vision is a brand new perk that allows you to see in the dark! Polar bear, husk and stray disguises have been added to the store. There is also a limited edition polar bear pet available for this week only!

Item frame protection on survival has been fixed.

Skyblock has had a large change this week with the introduction of multiple homes to replace the broken double jump benefit that donors had. For everyone else you can now also move homes around on your island. Simply type /sethome. For donors, to set a second home type /sethome {name} then /home {name} to return. If you are unable to get to your home on Skyblock type /tphome then /sethome.

New survival market. After talking to some players ingame the survival market has been redesigned. It is now easier to navigate, increases FPS and has allowed us to put more items in it. Please thank Aph for the stand design and Goldsta for helping with the signs. Currently there is no ID for a polar bear egg so you will have to wait a bit longer before you can buy them.

Friday we had staff appreciation evening. It was great to see so many people online and even better the amount of thank you books that were given to the staff. We had nearly two double chest loads! The staff are an amazing part of Fruit Servers and without them Fruit would simply not exist. The Bloo's Build battle between the staff and players was amazing. Thank you staff for all of the amazing effort they put in to keep Fruit running as smoothly as they do.


On the 15th of June we have 4 very fun rounds of Bingo on Skyblock! Even though at times it was very slow.. All of you Fruitsters had an amazing time and a few of you very lucky players walked away with some VERY special prizes…. I’m talking VERY special. Lets give the winners some recognition, they defidently deserve it!

Round One: alfonzo27                                  Round Three: melongrip

Round Two: TheSilentKnight                         Round Four: SparkleyFlopcorn

Following on from that, on the 17th of June we had two rounds of Bloo’s Build Battle! All of you Fruitsters had an amazing time building to the themes choosen and even the staff got to have a bit of fun… Lets hear what happened!

Round One Theme: Magic!

First Place: Aurainnium, PoggleLoggle, KaleWeskar & Briezyy.

Second Place: TheSilentKnight, Le_Commandant, Matea78 & Harriboo.

Third Place: Lagoonaa, GoonbagJim, ReddeadFlame31 & Little_lizzie.

Round Two Theme: Fruit Servers Staff!

First Place: Staff Team! (MiniMelon, demski, MistofDusk, SparkleyFlopcorn, melongrip, ipoodalittle, Goldsta, Bloo, Briezyy, Youngbloods & Littlest!)

Second Place: The Players.

Build Comp

This month’s build comp theme is Transport/Movement and will be held in the Creative World.

Competition Rules

- Build must be finished by 29th June

- Players must work individually

- Build must follow the theme of the month

- Build must be completed in the creative world

- Only one entry per individual

How to post your Entry

Please leave the warp to your entry at the bottom of this post!

Notable Weddings

This week on fruit we saw some lovely little fruits tie the knot with their loved ones!


<3 CrazyMechanicDog + sach0100 <3

<3 melongrip + Lemonlemq <3


<3 Dusty_Tomato + EstherBunny <3

Thats a rap

Ahh weelllll! Lookie here, looks like we have come to the end of yet another weekly post! I really hope you enjoyed the read make sure to leave all your feedback down below so i can make this post even better for you fruitloops! But.. it wouldn’t be a weekly post without the meme of the week and screenshots of the week.. so lets get into it!

Screenshots of the Week

Survival: 'Bit of a throw-back for this screenshot taken way back when Eraze was owner!' :O Photo Credit: NotJylon

Skyblock: 'After musical chairs the other night, we had a bit of - bonestache photography - and of course... our lovely Aphroditie just had to photo bomb it! :O Photo Credit: Quackum

Meme of the Week

~ MiniMelon

End of Post.