Written by Meloonnn

Howdy everyone, HelloMelon here, hows it going? ~ Oh right! Sorry, just wanted to talk to all you juicy fruitsters :) Anyways... Time for the recap!

Our weekly Friday event from last week, drove everyone insane! As you fruitloops searched a "smallish map" built by our wonderful build team in order to find FIVE of our cheeky staff members, but - you see, these staff members didnt look like themselves, they were disguised ... i mean... 'hidden' as adorable bunnies and chickens.

Enough rambling Melon! Lets get to some fruity results, i'm sure you have all been waiting for these amazing results. We did a total of FOUR rounds tonight and many of you left with amazing prizes! Lets start off ~ Shall we?

Round One; ItsSquish found MistofDusk.

SirNebula found Youngbloods.

Dimbotron found melongrip.

BongKnight found iMeoww.

Badgerrific found SparkleyFlopcorn.

Round Two; BongKnight found melongrip.

Dimbotron found SparkleyFlopcorn.

SirNebula found iMeoww.

NotJylon found MistofDusk.

MegiiMonster found YoungBloods.

Round Three; Littlest_ found MistofDusk.

Le_Commandment found melongrip.

NotJylon found SparkleyFlopcorn.

BongKnight found Youngbloods.

ItsSquish found iMeoww.

Bonus Round; Le_Commandment found melongrip.

Valkyriie_ found SparkleyFlopcorn.

Littlest_ found Youngbloods.

Kris found iMeoww.

Littlest_ found MistofDusk.

Okay okay, ill shut up now ~ Appologies. After a very successful night of seeking - our players were tired out. The fabulous Hide and Seek event finished on an amazing HIGH NOTE and the winners were given their awesome prizes for keeping their eyes pealed for them sneaky staff!! I hope all you fruity peeps had an awesome time and alot of fun! See you in future events :)

~ HelloMelon has left the building ~

End of Post.