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Hello Fruitasticle Peoples! Auz here bringing you another exquisite dab of Juicy Nectar from the holy Banana Elixir.


Hello again reader. Yes, we will continue to call you reader. Boy have you chosen an exciting time to read the Events Page today. FruitSurvival has officially Hit the Clouds! What's that? Didn't hear me? Sorry..

FruitSurvival has Officially REACHED THE CLOUDS!

What does this mean? Well, based on the fact that on the first day of the month the server as a community reached 100% of the Monthly Goal. So what we needed to grow in 30 days, YOU as a team made it possible within the very first day. This incredible milestone matched with the brilliant collective of 10kPlayers has honestly discombobulated the minds of the entire staff team. We are so proud to be a part of this fruity bunch and love how far the family has come. The impressive feats evident in this month can surely mean next month will see Fruit leaving the cloudy atmosphere on the start of their Galactic Adventure.



  • Number of players since opening day: 10119
  • Current monthly donation progress: 486%!
  • Current monthly top donator: The88thMidnight

Why the Lag

Now amid the wonderful array of achievements we have experience so far in the month, we cannot ignore the heavy influence of lag that follows our player like a pet ocelot. Please understand that we have spoken with the host for hours upon hours and the analysis of our issue is still frequent DDoDs attacks. We have been provided the best protection in the business but there legitimately is no cure for such a thing. If worse comes to worse the plan is to organise a transfer to another company before the end of this month, as to allow for a smooth beginning for August.

Because of this, the Website Store has been closed as we feel it is immoral of us to accept your donations when the in-game experience is in such a disgusting state. Hopefully on the 1st of August, we will see it re-open.

The Staff

It's sad to see our beloved Loshy_ leave due to illness. We will all miss your glorified, random love of humor, and kind-heartedness. Please get well soon!

This week we have had two lovely new additions to the team being TRIAL-MOD Mobbmaster and TRIAL-MOD demski. Make sure if you see either of them in-game to congratulate them on their new positions!

If you are interested in applying for a Staff position, please check the Page on the first week of every month.

Event Manager

Thank-you those who applied for the Event-Manager position! Unfortunately, Eraze has had to catch up with real life this past week, therefore the Event Manager ranks have not been completely implemented as of yet. For the remainder of the month AUZombie will continue to host the Friday Events and release the Sunday posts. With the new ranks emerging in August. Get excited!!


Notable Weddings

Are you single? Fear not, Minecraft is scientifically proven to be one of the best ways to meet your soul-mate. Which is why FruitServers have the Marriage plugin. Simply sniff around for people you think may be your type, and ask a staff member to be the priest for your very own wedding! Here are some notable weddings that went down this week:

Goldsta - Snowgies               (Couple Name - Snowsta)

TorTor99 - Rayder44             (Couple Name - Torder94)

P.S. - Goldsta refuses to stop being a Smitten Kitten.

Forum Highlights

Feast your eyes on the highlights of our community forum!

- Community Teamwork

Presented by the one and only Bloo.


On this thread we have a prime example of how terriffic this community and family really is. We can see a number of players, all different ranks coming together to help The88thMidnight build a lovely new base. Thank you Natthistic, miner_slime, Rickydaan, grimreeperah, XxForestSpiritxX and Sunhorse9. As Bloo noted in his forum post - it’s truly a memorable moment to see such a wide range of different tasting Fruit helping eachother out with a project!

Forum Topic:

This weeks forum topic was Comicon! The point behind this thread was to share each other's stories and teach others about what Comicon is! This post didn't quite end up like that though... It did reveal that Comicon is better than eHarmony and men in Arrow suits make women drool! Like I said, not quite as expected!

Next week be sure to discuss your Celebrity Crush in the Forum Topics section! No, I'm not going to count the number of Channing Tatutm's turn up..


Event Competition

This theme... is literally on fire! Hell is this month theme! And just remember to think out of the plots for this one!

Competition Rules:

  • Build must be finished by the 30th of July
  • Users MUST work individually
  • Build must follow the theme of the month
  • Build must be built in the creative world
  • Only one entry per user

Did someone say... inspiration? I can smell the builds from here! Here below is some lovely inspiration from google that will make our eyes literally ... BURN! Remember to drop down low... and GoGoGo for new inspiration every week!


Friday Event

This past Friday we hosted our second rewarding Friday event! I'm afraid the pirates who sailed in for the event couldn’t sail the ship to shore in time to catch the Treasure Hunt! The excitement from the FruitBowl was overwhelming for those who were lucky enough to get their juicy hands on this weeks prizes! So be sure to keep an eye on the Countdown on the Events page, that's where the money is. Congratulations to these players as we celebrated our fantastic milestone of 10kPlayers on Friday's event!

Event Winners

  • AusKoala (Three Times!)
  • ItsSquish (Twice!)
  • Wi1lis (Twice!)
  • Illumination (Twice!)
  • Whyyesitis (Twice!)
  • Snowgies
  • Skillet
  • 3teve
  • iMeow
  • CUBE075
  • Xavege
  • TheSuperAtia
  • Apatix4869
  • Bigrenn

Check the Events Page for a Friday Night Games Countdown!

Meme of the week

Thank you Bing for providing us with this hilarious meme! Just Kidding! It was Google….


Take care of yourselves, and be at one with the Fruit. Remember to check the Events page whenever you can to keep updated!

Love, that Zombie that rides chickens,


End of Post.