Hoppy Easter!
Written by Kuro_Akihiro

What a  A lot of preparation and hard work has been happening to get this time’s Easter Events to the Fruitbowl!




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What a busy week it has been for Survival! Easter events coming in and bringing the survivalists a massive easter island to explore and have fun!

Please welcome Distractible with his pun!

“ Do you like making courthouse puns?

Don’t forget to submit your own jokes, stories, quotes or poems at the dropper at /warp food!

Staff Updates

A wonderful player from the survival community has decided to join the staff team and passed their interview! Please welcome Blackrexy!

Our Staff Squad is currently on the hunt for Event-Coordinators, Builders and ESPECIALLY Moderators! So if you’re interested in applying… follow this link! https://www.fruitservers.net/staff


This week has been a very hectic and fun week for events as we had extra events running from saturday until monday! A big thanks to the event c’s, builders and moderators for doing their best to make it as smooth as possible!

Wednesday we had our ordinary yet full of fun with Paint Run! Our lucky runners are cidna, Domliness, MrRandom287, Lightningfiire, Pixerative, KitKatGameplays, Distractible, princesspoppy2, sharkdepth and TheSavageGamer!

To start off the festive Easter spirit on Friday we hosted the boat race with our Easter Island as the course! The agile and quick racers are Festiveptown, xEcsdee, Illuumii, Michael_Le41, HermezLove, ARDXAM, Cidna and sharkdepth!

Even though there were a few hiccups, Saturday was a blast for the strong pvpers and stealthy thieves of survival showing off their skills in Rob the Nest! Our amazing winners in all this chaos are terry77889910, Nicketta, Distractible, Captjono303, Cidna, Spleggeti, yipyah, burvvleebee, sparkly_bubble, expressoyourself, kenchi_haturo and Xainree!

Finally for our Sunday event we all eventually fell to our deaths after placing some lilypads at the Lily Pad Drop! The strong survivors who won through strategy and luck are alsmic, zynthic, eyeskax, tantrilla and Cidna!

We run events every Wednesday and Friday night at 8pm AEDST but also run pop up events throughout the week so keep your eye out for those!

Selfie of the week

“Selfie with the easter bunny after all the easter eggs were delivered! “ - Dory7











Hey, let’s get hippity hopping into this week’s Skyblock news!

Happy Easter!

Please remember that our Easter crafting event is still underway. You have the chance to win in game cash or amazing store perks! To learn more about the crafting event, check out /warp easter in game!

Staff Updates

Unfortunately this week we had to say goodbye to two of our beloved staff members, RebornIV and telibboy! We wish them the best for the future!

We also welcomed two new trial-mods onto our team. Congratulations BTHMMIV and Muar!

We’re always looking for new staff to join our team! If you feel like you have what it takes to join our Skyblock staff team apply at https://www.fruitservers.net/staff


This week we got to partake in two fun Easter events: Bingo and Egg Hunt! We had a great turnout, so thank you everyone for your patience and participation. There were a lot of new faces, which is always great to see!

Our lucky Bingo winners this week were Distractible, Harriboo, Xainree, Cuplex, breaddsticks, Doctre_Sween, and UppermostControl. Congratulations!

Egg Hunt gave us another great opportunity to explore our amazing spawn. Thanks, Easter Bunny! Kaithepanda, Kuroshibainu, Joshiie_, _Ravioli, Squidruby, Doctre_Sween, Spleggeti, Cidna, HermezLove, and Muar found eggs this week.! Good work!

Remember that you can win events for cool prizes and the chance to win the coveted event tokens! These tokens can be used to purchase limited edition items at /warp token in-game. For our event schedule, visit https://www.fruitservers.net/events






Selfie of the Week

“Walking The Polar Bear” Congratulations DragonMaster978!

Remember! If you would like a chance to win an event token post your selfies in selfie of the week!


Prison is now proud to announce that they now have their very first admin! Please give a loud applause to Spleggeti!

Build Competition

Last months build competition was a massive success so this month we are coming back at you with another great theme!!! This month we want you to build something..... then tear it a part!!! We want you guys to build us some ruins!!! Once again there are some rules to follow so be sure to keep those in mind while building your masterpieces!!

Competition Rules

  • The build must be a Maximum of a 80 x 80 blocks. To stay within this boundary, we suggest creating a border to work within.
  • The build must have some sort of ruins in it!
  • Build must be completed by April 29th 8pm AEDST.
  • You must work alone, if you do not you will be disqualified.
  • All entries must be built on the creative server.
  • As cool as pixel art is, this isn’t the place for it.
  • Don’t copy another person’s work, whether it be from in or outside of the server. BE ORIGINAL!
  • We need at LEAST 5 people to participate to hand out prizes, so spread the word!
  • This build needs to have been started and completed within the month of April.
  • Completed entries that don't earn a prize will net the builder a token on their server of choice.

If you see this message please give some love to all our staff across the different servers as without them we wouldn’t be having as much fun as we do now

  • Emilee_XIX, kuro_shibainu & Ravioli

End of Post.