It was all Goldsta's fault
Written by Ahtnamas80

Good evening Fruit Servers.

You may have noticed that we have been having some technical difficulties, H1N9 and our dev Geekxboy have been working very hard to recover from this issue, unfortunatly tho there has been some data loss which will affect players.  All players will have lost their donation totals and virtual chests, H1N9 has restored the donation totals from a backup, and will continue to work towards recovering data of the next week.  Players who were online last night have lost their balances and homes.  There will be compensation made available, more information will be available about that later tonight.

The server will be back up again soon, if you need help finding you home contact a member of staff, please be aware that staff will be very busy helping players recover homes, we will work as quickly as we can, but some patience will be appreciated.

We appologise for the inconvienice, if you have any questions please ask a staff member or make a ticket or a forum post.

The server will be back shortly, I look forward to seeing you once again online.


End of Post.