Written by Goldsta


Hey there fruitsters! Goldsta here bringing you the first news post of the new year! That’s right, 2015 has come to an end and we have so much to talk about! Many milestones were reached and our beautiful little Fruitbowl flourished during the busiest time of the year. Buckle up and prepare yourself for another fruitabulous update!

-Fruitbowl News

16950 Players!

December saw the Fruitbowl crossing the big 16k mark and falling ever so short of the 17k mark at the end of the month. We also hit a new record for concurrent players when a total of 71 players were online between survival and skyblock! Let’s hope January has us smashing these figures, our next goal is 75 players online at the same time!  

Donation Goals

December definitely brought out the Christmas spirit in you fruity flops, the survival donation goal was smashed once again with 590% of the donation goal being reached! Once again, Skyblock didn’t fare as well with only 42% of the donation goal being fulfilled. We hope you enjoyed Santa’s goodies in the limited edition Christmas kit too, it won’t be around for another year!


Skyblock now has a group of staff members regularly performing moderator duties. We’d encourage everyone to pop by and say hi to the new recruits! We held several skywars events during the month that turned out to be highly successful too, with tons of little goodies being handed out to make your Skyblock experience ever so slightly easier. If you’re bored of survival and wish to challenge yourself or your group, you NEED to give skyblock a chance! Be sure to visit the official Skyblock bugs/requests thread if you've got something to report.

Skyblock site: www.fruitservers.net/skyblock
Server IP: mc.fruitservers.net
Server command: /server skyblock


Fruitservers finally had its fruity first birthday! A great deal has been accomplished throughout 2015 and the team is glad to have such a bright, bubbly, friendly bunch standing alongside them every juicy step of the way! Another record was smashed when we had a total of 71 players online at the same time, between survival and skyblock. We have no doubt in our minds that 2016 will see us breaking each and every one of the records we’ve set throughout 2015!  


Fruitservers is and always has been about its beloved community. The team takes a great deal of pride in working with your wonderful people, and we enjoy interacting with you at every opportunity. With that in mind, we'd like everyone to try and contribute their juicy knowledge to the Fruitservers wiki which can be found here, and their pictures to the Fruitservers gallery which can be found here. In our endeavours to organise and format the wiki neatly, we have to remind all players that the wiki will be monitored by staff and normal rules/policies still apply.

Fruitservers Gallery: www.fruitservers.net/gallery
Fruitservers Wiki: www.fruitservers.net/wiki


Congratulations to these winners! To be one of next month's winners, you'd better start voting!

Voting is one of the best ways you can help the server, and you get rewarded for it with keys! Vote consistently enough and you may end up taking home the top prize for the month, a little coupon to spoil yourself with. Not only that, your vote points get stored up and can be spent online in the vote point store.

Vote point store: www.fruitservers.net/survivalvote

Build Competition

With everyone getting themselves warmed up for the most festive time of the year, we felt the theme of Christmas was the most appropriate for the occasion. Impressive is one of many words we could use to describe the wonderful entries we received this month. Congratulations to these winners!

The theme for the month of January will be Roman Ruins! You may interpret this theme however you wish, just remember to use original ideas and avoid straying too far from the theme!

This build competition will be held in the creative world.

Competition Rules

-Build must be finished by 30th January.

-Players MUST work individually.

-Build must follow the theme of the month.

-Build must be completed in the creative world.

-Only one entry per user.


1st Place: $20 store voucher.

2nd Place: $15 store voucher.

3rd Place: $10 store voucher.

How to post your Entry

To enter this month's competition, please leave a comment with a warp to your build under this post. If you have run out of warps, please list the coordinates or alternatively, try to get a staff member to set a warp for you.


Slight changes have been made to the reward coupons given to top voters and build competition winners. Unfortunately these vouchers no longer contribute to your donation rank, and you will no longer be given a coupon code. This means you will have to message H1N9 through the website if you've earned a voucher and your perks will be applied manually.

Top Players

This is for you players who make the Fruitbowl what it is; a friendly, enjoyable experience for all every day, and every night. Every month one player and one staff member is selected and recognized for their contribution to the server, whether it be ingame or behind the scenes.

Player of the month: Tialis22. Tialis has had a profound impact on the server this month. Although she is relatively new, she has participated in everything we have to offer and has also voted regularly, donated ridiculous amounts both for herself and for others, has been active in-game, has been active on teamspeak, has participated in the build competition, and has been a pleasure to be around! Special mention goes out to Tia for very generously gifting multiple players with the Christmas kit, you were definitely sharing the spirit with everyone you interacted with! Well done Tia!

Staff of the month: Sleapy. What can we say, Sleapy has gone above and beyond throughout this month and has excelled in just about every possible way as a Moderator. Always keeping a watchful eye on things in survival and always available to help respond to queries outside of the Fruitbowl, Sleapy has proven himself to be a good example of what it takes to become a Moderator. Well done Sleapy!

-Beyond the Bowl

December saw multiple changes within the staff team. We saw 2 experienced staff members reaching the rank of Administrator! Congratulations to ipoodalittle and demski for their continued efforts and their excellence in their respective roles! We also witnessed the promotions of Dantoke, ImBriezy, and Snowgies to Veteran-Moderator! On skyblock we introduced a new group of Trial-Moderators. This team consists of Eiar, Bilfred_Kerman, DrunkyOblivian, and iitzThatAsian! We hope you all succeed in your new roles and make us all proud! On a sadder note, we must bid farewell to Moderators Mobbmaster and Saintflow, along with Event Manager Zaffy_ who unfortunately became too busy for their respective roles and decided to voluntarily step down. Their efforts have not gone unnoticed during their tenures as staff members and we hope to be lucky enough to catch them online now and then.

Staff applications have been changed slightly and are open all month long. You are all encouraged to apply if you feel you have what it takes to be a part of this amazing team! Be warned however, the application process is strict and you need to prove yourself in order to impress us! Best of luck!

That's a wrap for 2015 folks. We hope your 2016 is as magical as you expect!

End of Post.