June Recap
Written by H1N9

Get ready for another action-packed monthly recap! This past month has been nothing short of exciting. But hold on tight because we're just getting started. Buckle up and dive into all the thrilling updates we have in store for you!

Prepare for the epic showdown of the year! It's time for Fruitlympics, the grandest event on our network. From July 7th to July 15th, our four servers will battle it out for glory. Survival is the arena where the excitement unfolds. Each night, players from all servers can represent their home turf, competing for points and ultimate victory. But wait, there's more! Before the official kickoff, warm-up events will take place on each server, giving you a taste of the thrilling Fruitlympics action, and a sneak peak into the events list. Mark your calendars!

The theme for this year's Fruitlympics is Fairytales. Congratulations to AuzzieHulk for guessing the theme correctly and winning 500 vote points!

McMMO Information

We recently added a new menu system for McMMo which helps explain what each of the skills does, and how to use them.  There is a lot of information here to go through, it is a really useful tool!  If you want to check it out type /mcmmogui.

Warp Shop Update

We recently added some of the new 1.20 items to warp shop!  Those little pink petals have to be one of my favorite additions to minecraft ever!  We have been seeing some beautiful builds with all the new blocks, especially the cherry wood, so pretty!

★Vote Competition★

Our Top Voters competition will return this month with cool perk vouchers available for grabs again. You can track your progress with /fv top ingame

Voting is really important to keep the server active as it brings new players to our Fruity community!

★Top Players★

Fruitservers is an amazing community because of the people that are a part of it. Every month one player and one staff member from each server are selected and acknowledged for their contribution to the server, whether it be in-game or behind the scenes.

Ahtnamas80 has had an extremely busy few months, from prepping for a survival reset to playing a key role in organising and prepping for Fruitlympics 2023. Both of these involve mammoth efforts and keeping everything together is tricky! Aht continues to play an integral role in keeping Fruit organised and providing support to the Survival staff team.  

The staff team's mammoth effort they put in for this reset has not gone unnoticed. Whether it be building spawn and shop, filling out signs and items frames, placing holograms, being on past midnight the day before reset fixing things and getting everything ready and even just being there on the first day to help players out. The staff have done a massively good job this month and deserve a pat on the back! Congrats All!!

Whaleboy_14 - Over the last few months Whaleboy_14 has become a well known player who is always participating in whatever activities that are happening around the fruit bowl, you will often see them at event nights, chatting with people in game, or building a fun warp for everyone to check out.  They are a friendly and caring player who is always trying to do nice things for others.  Congratulations Whaleboy!

Colioko - We're big fans of those who acknowledge what Skyblock has to offer and Colioko's enthusiasm has been unmatched this month! You will often find them participating in events, wordsearch, parkour, and mob fishing. Colioko is always a friendly face and we can't wait to see them come further out of their shell!

AStarward is a newcomer this map and ever since they joined, they have been a stand out player. They are friendly to everyone and love to help others out with their never ending Pixelmon knowledge! Congratulations AStarward!

Fruitservers is lucky to have such strong moderating teams, however we are always accepting applications for all of our staff roles. Our wonderful Event and Build Teams in particular are still looking to grow so if you'd like to be a part of something special do consider looking into these roles. Think you have what it takes to join one of these fantastic teams? Submit an application on Discord.

Get ready to seize the summer excitement as we dive into a month filled with thrilling updates, fierce Fruitlympics competition, and an amazing community to celebrate—there's never been a better time to be part of Fruitservers!


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