Let the holidays begin!
Written by Meloonnn

Hello Fruitsters! Its MiniMelon here, again, of course, to bring you all yet another fruity weekly post bringing all of you the brand new xoxoGOSSIPgikda news! So feel free to grab some snacks and a drink, kick your feet up and lets get on with the post, Shall We? ~ We Shall!

The Rundown


Number of Players Joined: 7093

Currently 33% of the Monthly Goal!

Current Top Donator: VolcGames


Number of Players Joined: 5620

Currently 2% of the Monthly Goal!

Current Top Donator: Bloo

Beyond the Bowl

Hip hip horray!! Happy birthday to our very special, very loved SparkleyFlopcorn! She celebrated her birthday on the 27th nearly a week ago from today, we will her a very happy belated birthday! And guess what? We had a lot of new staff updates, and yes we are so excited to be meeting our brand new and upgraded team!

Littlest_ ~ Mod          Ahtnamas80 ~ Mod             Sleapy ~ Mod

Briezyy ~ Admin      Lagoonaa ~ Event-Coordinator

Don’t forget to congratulate our promoted staff members! And yes im not alone anymore Woo Hoo!! #Meloona is now real, the powerful event co-ordination couple at your service ;)


On the 29th of June we had a few fruity rounds of Thunderdome with all of you literally running for your lives, we had some very sneaky strategies from certain players and I believe they should get the spotlight for a minute, lets hear who came our victorious!

Round One: ItsSquish           Round Two: JusPanda          Round Three: Warpzee

Round Four: ItsSquish          Round Five: ItsSquish

On the 1st of July, kicking off the holidays with a lot of fun! We had a couple of rounds of hide and seek and lets just say the sneaky staff team really put all of you Fruitsters to the test as they pulled out all their best hiding spots! They really didn’t want to be found i guess… mwhaha it was very fun watching all of you struggle looking for them and after very long rounds we had some victors! Lets hear the results:

Round One:                                           Round Two:

PearlescentMoon ->  LoshSmoak        th3cubed -> LoshSmoak

PoggleLoggle -> Briezyy                       ItsSquish -> Ahtnamas80

TheSilentKnight -> Malzi                        War_Legend -> Littlest_

Harriboo -> Ahtnamas80                        teterine -> Briezyy

LeCommandant -> Littlest_                    LittleNova -> MistofDusk

LeCommandant -> MistofDusk               PearlescentMoon -> Malzi

Round Three:                              Round Four:

JusPanda -> Briezyy                         PearlescentMoon -> SparkleyFlopcorn

teterine -> LoshSmoak                     LeCommandant -> Littlest_

JusPanda -> SparkleyFlopcorn        Lagoonaa -> MiniMelon

tiros -> Littlest_                                 JusPanda -> Ahtnamas80

LittleNova -> Malzi                            Matez78 -> Malzi

AshleySx -> MistofDusk                   ItsSquish -> Briezyy

teterine -> Ahtnamas80                    LeCommandant -> MistofDusk

On the 3rd of July we had a very scary few rounds of Pvp! We watched all of you Fruitsters back into corners with fear behind your heads as you warriors fought each other to have a victor! Lets here how things went down!

Round One: Sleapy, War_Legend, Warpzee & Chicky_San.

Winner: Chicky_San

Round Two: PotassiumDOT, Mad_Master, Harriboo & ITz_Fadez.

Winner: PotassiumDOT

Round Three: Lagoonaa, TheSilentKnight, th3cubed & ItsSquish.

Winner: TheSilentKnight

Round Four: blockyblocks1, melongrip, LittleDeathNight & Briezyy.

Winner: melongrip

Round Five: PoggleLoggle, Lagoonaa, Sleapy & ItsSquish.

Winner: Sleapy

Overall Winners: melongrip + PotassiumDOT

Staff Round Winner: melongrip

Build Comp:

This month I have decided to try something a little bit more different with the build competition.  Our competition will be judged a little differently, so stay tuned for the end of the month to find out how we will be judging it!

Theme ~ Free Choice!

Competition Rules

- Build must be finished by 30th July

- Players must work individually

- Build must be approximately 70x70 at minimum (height not included)

- Build must be completed in the Creative world

- Do not build chestrooms,spawners,massive farms etc. We want creativity, not everyday things

- Only one entry per individual

- Keep redstone minimal if you have to use it

I want you to be creative and build me something that you have always wanted to build, or something out of a game you play,show you watch etc. The options are endless here . However… Keep in mind that builds that clearly lack effort will not stand much of a chance.

Notable Weddings

This week on fruit we saw some lovely little fruits tie the knot with their loved ones!


<3 EstherBunny + Littlest_ <3

<3 MiniMelon + Lagoonaa <3

<3 AshleySx + SparkleyFlopcorn <3

<3 BaccaZeFlopPlayz + fireexplosion06 <3


<3 FreddyM360 + Delta_lachie <3

<3 DynamicTroll + ethnnnnnnnM <3

<3 SineadOkay + Pineapplegirls <3

<3 SparkleyFlopcorn + EstherBunny <3

<3 MiniMelon + Lagoonaa <3

That’s a Rap!

Looks like we have come to my very last individual weekly post! Next week a powerful Meloona couple will be put into action to bring this post to life! But.. it wouldn’t be a weekly post without the meme of the week and screenshots of the week.. so lets get into it!

Screenshots of the Week

Survival: #FruitSelfie!! Lets bring back the fruit selfies, they are missed dearly! Photo Credit ~ Aphroditie

Skyblock: Double Date Time! We tied the knot!! Photo Credit ~ Lagoonaa

Meme of the Week

~ MiniMelon

End of Post.