Love is in the Air~
Written by Goldsta

Hey lovebirds! We're quickly approaching Valentines Day and we've been paying careful attention to all of your requests! We've got a very busy weekend planned, loads of events along with a couple of new additions to the donation store for all the cheeky fruits who want to spoil their partners with gifts!

What do we have planned, you ask?


Speed Dating!
Haven't got a partner? Looking for someone to spend the rest of your days with? Just searching for that one person you can cuddle up to at night time? Try speed dating! *Please be advised - you might just end up having your heart broken. Consider yourself warned*

Valentines Day Spleef!
Did you enjoy Piston Spleef on Friday? Eager to get back in onto the fields and drop some unsuspecting players into a bottomless pit, straight to their inevitable doom?! If you answered yes to the second question, you may have a problem. Nevertheless, you're sure to have a great time participating in Valentines day Spleef! The event will be taking place in a beautifully constructed, themed arena. If you're not successful during this event, you're encouraged to seek advice from the one and only Love Guru who has set up a stall nearby! If you're feeling naughty you can even drop by the local kissing booth....

Archery Games!
Some fun little games to test your new bows with! "What new bows? What are you on about Goldsta?!" Why, only the ones from the Valentines kit of course!

Donation Store

A fancy little kit will be available during all of this madness too. A cheeky little lovebird told me H1N9 might even be adding a new perk over the weekend....

Map Expansion!

It's been nearly two full weeks since our map wipe on survival and we've heard all of your concerns. It's just the one main concern actually - people are running into each other left right and center, and nobody can find enough space away from people to build! Rest easy now knowing that the map will be expanded over the weekend! Rejoice!

That's all for this little update folks. We hope you're ready for a fun weekend!

End of Post.