Love Is In The Air
Written by MrRandom287

What a lovely week it has been on Fruit Servers! And it’s just about time to wrap up what happened and get into this week’s post.

Donating Statistics:




Players Joined: 2,647


Players Joined: 6,199


Players Joined: 2,276

% of Monthly Goal: 962%

% of Monthly Goal: 265%

% of Monthly Goal: 115%

Current Top Donator:


Current Top Donator: 


Current Top Donator: 


Server Announcements

Our owner, H1, has got quite a few announcements today.

Valentines Day Crafting Competition:

Crafting Competition is now on! There are some cool prizes up for grabs this time including the choice between a perk voucher, or razer gaming gear. This time, we have limited the amount of each recipe that you can give Cupid each day. This will mean that everyone has a chance to enter the competition and that those who grind, have to collect different recipes.

New Perks:

We have introduced several new perks to the skyblock and survival stores this week including a Mini Baby Yoda and extra /ah slots


SkyWars on skyblock is disabled again after a serious exploit was found. It will return in a couple of weeks once the dev is back from holiday

Skyblock Island Generation:

This week we rolled out a new island generation system to fix the associated lag issues. This should result in a much smoother system for generating skyblock islands - so any feedback is appreciated!


The spawn’s been looking quite romantic lately, don’t forget to check out /warp craft to participate in the crafting comp!

Staff Updates

Unfortunately we’ve had to say goodbye to a few staff lately. Sarahsoph, arda77 and NaaTilly have all departed from the team recently. We’d like to thank all three for the time and effort that they have put into making the server awesome and wish them the best for their future endeavours!

Our Staff Squad is currently on the hunt for Moderators, Builders and Event-Coordinators! So if you’re interested in applying… follow this link!


On Wednesday we played the fun musical-themed game of corners!! The lucky players who made it to the end were poppy_chan, kavazy, Xtalize and chloeconda.

On Friday we celebrated Valentine’s Day by hosting a romantic boat race!! The exquisite winners from this night were Distractible, Funky_Cow, Stinkyboi07, FarmerBK, arda77, Saint_Ion, Steeched, Expressoyourself and spleggeti!!

The winner of this week’s wordsearch is Almighty_Dongers!! Come check out /warp wordsearch for next week’s wordsearch and try to find the 10 Space themed words!!

Selfie of the week

_Valkyrie_101 sharing the love on Valentine’s Day!

Be sure to submit your selfies to our forum thread for your chance to win a token!!











Welcome back to Skyblock’s weekly news! We’re so glad to see you!

Token Items are up and running once again on Skyblock! So be sure to take a sneak peak at /warp token! If you helped to suggest some names for these items- they may have been selected! If so, your name will be added to the lore of the item! We’d still love some more names though, so if you have some sparking idea’s… follow this link!

>> <<

If you’re an aspiring bee-keeper and are interested in a kick-start to your career- check out this FREE Bee Kit from the Skyblock store!

>> <<

You didn’t expect Valentine’s Day to pass FruitSkyblock by without a Crafting Competition, did you? Check out /warp craftingcomp to get started today!

Staff Updates

Woohoo! Skyblock has two new T-Mods!! Please give a warm welcome to Holthy and Mathew021! We also give a big congratulations to Benjabot_ on his promotion to MOD!

Unfortunately, we also had to say goodbye to two beloved staff members, Snoozzle and Doctre_Sween. We wish them all the best in their future endeavours.

Feel like you got what it takes to be a part of our Skyblock staff team? Are you a well-connected, active, social-butterfly? If so, feel free to apply at


We started off with a blast this Monday with our annual Events Night!

Our first event got everyone covered in slime, Spleef! The players who squelched their way to victory this week were Demski, JozhyG, kick1213, Seiryeously, Tupaceha and XxenderpizzaxX!

Next up, players sped their way down winding ice slopes in Boat Race! Congratulations to JozhyG, Bunnyy__, Snowpeaa, kick1213 and Benjabot_ for taking away those winnings!

Hippity Hop! Parkour comes bouncing back! The players who jumped their way to the win this week were _Scyy, kick1213 and Ryno785!

Our Saturday Games Night came whizzing around for all of Skyblock to enjoy!

First up, it’s time for some Bingo Bongo! The players who got their five-in-a-row this week were OMGDimez, chloeconda, PotatoJacket, Holthy, Xtalize, Benjabot_, kick1213 and Riqa! Well done!

In our next event, players had to twist and turn to get through the Amazon Maze! The players who made it to the middle first were Benjabot_, Blended_Ice, Xtalize, Bayleecraft, chloeconda, Pixerative, Moshy__, kick1213 and _Prepar_3D_!

Can you feel the love up on Skyblock? We certainly can with our next event, Valentine’s Day parkour! The players who got to the top first were Xtalize, Tupaceha, _Scyy, _Prepar_3D_, chloeconda, Benjabot_, PotatoJacket, Ryno785, Riqa, Holthy and OMGDimez!

Remember! Skyblock hosts its two Games Nights on Monday and Saturday, so be sure to come along at 8pm AEDT for your chance to win some cool prizes!!!


Congratulations to all Valentine’s Day sweethearts!













Selfie of the Week

“The best thing for new people to see when they join Skyblock” Congratulations COOKlEMAN!

Remember! If you would like a chance to win an event token, post your selfies in selfie of the week!


Hello and welcome to the Prison portion of the post!

On Tuesday we started with some Bingo!!! Reubs, ItzBezz, princesspoppy2 and shakoda were the lucky players who shouted it first!

Then we moved onto the fast paced game of spleef in which Shakoda, Reubs, Opalz and rothy1075 all stole victory from the competition. To finish the night the staff hid whilst the players tried finding them in Hide and Seek. Shakoda and TF2Sideswipe had their looking eyes working the best.

Sunday night was fun with a large variety of events played! We started with Dig Down in which Rothy1975, 69ben_shapiro, Reubs and shakoda were the quickest at getting to the bottom. Afterwards, we played a few rounds of Corners! Rothy1975, Reubs and _Ravioli all came out on top tonight.

King of the Hill was next. The victors who knocked off their opponents were Shakoda and Xtalize. To finish the night we had one quick round of spleef in which Skakoda took the win.

Build Competition

There is no build competition at the moment. However, If you have suggestions for themes for future build competitions, please let us know in this forum thread.

Well, another week down and we hope that you’ve enjoyed this week and that you’ll join us again next week!

- Bayleecraft, MrRandom287 & Ravioli

End of Post.