Written by Goldsta

Why hello there my lovestruck companions! Love Guru Goldsta here updating everyone what's been happening this past week. It's been an incredibly busy week, one which has seen our fruitabulous server crushing milestones once again. Get yourself a nice, warm cup of tea, kick up your feet and enjoy this weekly update!

The Rundown

Survival Statistics

  • Number of players since opening day: 1488
  • Current monthly donation progress: 440%
  • Current monthly top donator: Tialis

Those donation statistics are just staggering considering we're only half way through the month. Fruitservers has just had its most successful weekend to date, and the staff team cannot possibly thank you, the players, enough for helping us accomplish this amazing feat. We received close to $1200 in donations over the weekend, with about $630 of that happening on Saturday. This breaks the previous record which was set back on July 1st 2015, when we received just over $500 in donations and surpassed our monthly goal in just one day! Simply incredible, thank you everyone!

Skyblock Statistics

  • Number of players since opening day: 2651
  • Current monthly donation progress: 0%
  • Current monthly top donator: EZ420

Well this is a bit awkward....skyblock doesn't seem to be doing anywhere near as well as survival! That's a shame, however we'd still encourage everyone to drop by and give it a go. It can be a tonne of fun if you take on the challenge with a group.

The News

Staff Changes

Lots of changes within the team, lots of promotions! This week we saw daemondark and youngbloods pass the trial with flying colours and they are now recognized as fully-fledged Moderators. With that, space was made for two more trials. EnCrYpTeDPaNdA and MistOfDusk are the newest noobs on the block - make sure you laugh at them for being unable to fly when you see them online! Finally, we get to see our very own Mobbmaster ascend to the rank of Veteran-Moderator! Be sure to congratulate all of the newly-promoted staff!

Notable Weddings

<3 Big_C + DecayedSeraph <3
<3 ViciousBanana + MissMelonn <3
<3 PotassiumDOT + EstherMC <3
<3 Apotoxin + Amber_mx <3
<3 Loopsyy + ausdjt2 <3


It's been a huge week for events. This weekend in particular has probably been the busiest one so far for events. With all the hype surrounding Valentine's day, you lot certainly showed us how much you enjoyed the weekend!

Piston Spleef

Friday had the players competing against each other in a very interesting game of Spleef. Constructed by our event manager Canaries, this unique gamemode was action-packed and more fast-paced than any game of spleef we'd seen before!  A total of twelve rounds were held, the winners were as follows.

ItsSquish Lagoona3 Cahms
Apotoxin AussieGSXR PotassiumDOT
Illuumination Slippery__Gypsy SparkleyPopcorn
EnCrYpTeDPaNdA DatBaccaGurl Canaries

Valentine's Day Thunder!

The first of many events to be held on Valentine's Day. Incredibly fast-paced little game where staff were allowed to smite to their heart's content until only one individual is left standing! That individual is usually then killed off anyway. This unique gamemode created by Mobbmaster lasted for roughly 10 rounds, with multiple custom items being given to the winners!

Valentine's Day Drop-Party

Lots of unique items were handed out during this very special drop party. However, what made this one so much more special was the fact that multiple staff and a select few players offered to buy the special Valentine's Day kit for players who were unable to do so for themselves. These generous acts of kindness truly exemplify what it means to be part of Fruitservers - an amazing tight-knit community that will only continue to grow and blossom into something more amazing!

Valentine's Day Spleef

Before I begin, yes I understand the first couple of rounds for this event were an absolute mess! Worry not, this flop has been working hard at perfecting how to run a spleef event and you won't see many mistakes happen in future spleef events! A total of five excruciatingly long rounds were held. Why were the spleef rounds so long, you ask? Campers. Enough said.

Valentine's Day Speed Dating

An interesting idea that was executed in a very unique manner, Speed Dating saw random players being paired up with each other and being required to submit poems about whoever they were seated with! A lot of players thought it would be fine to seek google's help in writing their poem - These players thought wrong. For those of you that played legitimately, you definitely impressed us with your efforts. Well, not all of them were impressive. Some didn't show very much effort at all. But we're all optimists here, and we know you were just trying to be faithful to your significant other and avoid trying to impress someone else! Right?!  

Valentine's Day Hide N' Seek

Capping off an incredibly busy day of events, we decided to slow down the pace with a few rounds of Hide N Seek. This event was held in a beautifully constructed village, which every single member of the Build Team has had a hand in moulding. A few clever little fruits managed to find multiple staff during the same round, well done!

Spawner Claim

Important update for anyone who bought spawners prior to the map wipe - A thread has been created for players to claim their spawners. The thread has already been up for close to a week so if you haven't done so, please be sure to drop by and leave a post regarding whichever spawner(s) you are missing! The thread can be found here.

The Build Competition:

The theme for February will be Oriental! The theme Oriental entails builds of East Asian origin. However, you are free to interpret this theme as you wish! Just make sure you don't stray too far from it or you won't stand a very good chance against your competition! As we've only just had a map wipe on survival, we don't expect players to have the resources necessary to create what they've envisioned so the competition will be held in the creative world once more.

This build competition will be held in the creative world.

Competition Rules

-Build must be finished by 29th February.

-Players MUST work individually.

-Build must follow the theme of the month.

-Build must be completed in the creative world.

-Only one entry per user.


1st Place: $20 store voucher.

2nd Place: $15 store voucher.

3rd Place: $10 store voucher.

How to post your Entry

To enter this month's competition, please leave a comment with a warp to your build under this post. If you have run out of warps, please list the coordinates or alternatively, try to get a staff member to set a warp for you.

That's a wrap for this weekly update!

Thank you to the staff team who, and I think we can all agree on this, did an amazing job hosting the events! The enthusiasm and gratitude from the players made it all worthwhile, we hope you enjoyed your Valentine's Day!

Love Guru out~

End of Post.