Written by SirEraze

Hello everyone, Eraze here again.

Sadly today's post is focused on a rather negative topic, which im sure you are all aware of by now. Basically, earlier last week the server began to get really unstable and shakey, to the point where it would go down for up to an hour with nothing i could do about it. In the beginning we thought these were simple issues with the provider we are with, because things cant run smoothly all the time, right? Well.. we slowly realized it was allot more than that. The server has become a target to some rather large attacks, socially known as a "DDOS". Without getting technical, this basically means that people have been trying to shut our server down, and take it offline.

The company we are currently with are trying their best to prevent these issues, however it is taking time.

Next on this topic, Mojang have announced that they are doing some scheduled database maintenance on Tuesday evening, the 14th of April. They have mentioned that in this period, players will not be able to connect to servers. In Australia, the maintenance will be happening from 4pm to 8pm AEST.

To see the full post from Mojang, see this link:

Because of this Maintenance by Mojang, we thought it would be the perfect opportunity to take our server down, and also do the maintenance we need to do to stop the issues we are having. I don't have an exact time frame that we will be doing our tasks, however we will try our absolute best to frame it around when Mojang are also down.

Once again i am very, very sorry for what is happening. But just know that we are trying non-stop to prevent these issues from occurring, and we honestly believe that Tuesday will be a breakthrough in the fact that we are hoping the issues will stop. All i can ask for now is patience, and for everyone to cross their fingers.

If anyone has any further questions, feel free to comment on this post, message me on the site, or simply talk to me or a staff member in game.
See you all soon, and continue to have a safe and happy holiday.

End of Post.