Map Wipe - This Friday
Written by H1N9

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No its a brand new map!

After spending well over a year on this wonderful map it is time to start a fresh.

Update! Map wipe will start tomorrow morning at 9:30 AEDT - Should be finished within 1 hour - max 2.

After much thought and deliberating I have decided to wipe the map this coming Friday. This is for a number of reasons that I will detail below.

Usually I prefer waiting for major Minecraft updates to arrive before doing a map wipe. 1.9 however, is simply taking too long and Mojang have issued no ETA for a release date.

Why do a map wipe now then?

  • The server map is over 1 year 1 month old - Things are not meant to last this long!
  • I need to do some major maintanence to the plugins - the crashes recently of the warps and creative world are things that were unavoidable due to the age of the plugins and setups
  • Many players are now bored and tired of the existing map and are looking for new things to do
  • Prepare the server for 1.9 and the changes that will occur then

What will not be kept in this map wipe?

  • Nothing - Includes inventories, /chests, balances, etc

What will be kept in this map wipe?

  • Ranks
  • Spawners - Available for claiming one week after the map has reset

What is going to change inbetween this map and the new one?

We have lots of amazing new features and things planned for the new map including:

  • Brand new crates system
  • Better chat controls
  • Some cool new donor perks
  • Amazing new spawn
  • Loads of new and improved plugins!

What time will the map be wiped?

The exact time will be announced Thursday morning. The map will be wiped either early Friday morning or later afternoon.

Keep your eyes on the website to find out!

Build Transfers

I am happy to take builds over to the new map. For more information please click here.

Build Competition

Make sure you have your entries in. Entries will be judged Thursday afternoon.

I look forward to seeing you all in the new map! It is looking amazing and I'm sure that you will all love the changes that have been made.

Got any questions? Message me on my wall or through a PM!


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