Written by SirEraze

Say g'day, its March!What a month! Creative, New Staff, over 500% of our donation goal! Lets celebrate it with another great post full of information. Thank you all so much for being a part of this community, and we are so happy that you enjoy your time on the server. Hope you enjoy!

3000 Players!What an achievement everyone! We reached 3000 players on the server after less than 3 months. This is such an amazing milestone, and it just shows how much you guys love what we have to offer! We hope we can continue to produce a place for everyone to come and play, and we hope you log off wanting to come back.

Remember to keep voting everyone, if you wish to be this months winners!

Top Players:
This section is dedicated to players that strive to be better, and are dedicated to the server. Each winner will receive their head at spawn for the month of March, and an awesome Forum badge.

Player of the month: cool_mapp1
Over the last month, cool has been a very active player. Not only was he online nearly every day, he continued to make friends, and communicate with all users on the server. He also worked very hard on earning off an old warning, and it certainly showed. Thank-you!

Staff of the month: MrsDemno
All i can say is wow. MrsDemno has been an absolute joy on the server the past month. Not only was she promoted to Head-Mod, she become the most played person on the server, and was on every day of the month. We cannot thank her enough for her amazing efforts as Staff on this server, and we are very privileged to have here here! Thanks Demno!

Building Competition - March:This months bulding theme is "Modern", you can take this in any way you like and/or do what you wish with it, just make it creative!
Competition rules:
- Build must be finished by the 30th of March- Users cannot work in pairs- Build must follow the theme of the month
- Build must be created in the survival world- Only one entry per user
The prizes for this month are as follows -
1st Place: $20 Store Voucher and $7000 in-game money2nd Place: $15 Store Voucher and $5000 in-game money3rd Place: $10 Store Voucher and $3000 in-game money.How to post your entry:
To post your competiton entry, simply create a warp and post it in the comments section of this post, or write the co-ordinates.

Updates and Changes:

[+] Changes to Staff[+] Added Mail System[-] Removed BloodMoon[+] Changes to Hall of Fame[-] Removed Force field ability to push players[-] Moved stats page under "More+" section
[+] Added Vote page
[+] Fixed Spawn eggs in shop
[+] Added Tickets Plugin
[+] Added Chat React Plugin
[+] Fixed unsynced heads at spawnComing Soon:
Vote Parties
Vote Crates
Swearing Filter (toggle)Website Updates
Very Special Things!

Hope you enjoyed yet another Monthly post!
Lets work our hardest to get out of Beta this month, and into the full power of what we have to offer.
Good day, and good night. See you round in game!
~ Your friendly neighbourhood SpiderFruit

End of Post.