March Recap
Written by spleggeti

Hey Fruitsters! Spleggeti here with the Monthly post of March! Lots has occured over the month of March, Including the release  of Bedwars on Skyblock, Crates on Prison, Survival Autumn Season Token Items with the inclusion of a new season of Fruity Quests,  and Finally the most recent news of Pixelmon receiving it's first ever Map Reset!! There is plenty to talk about so let's get right into it!

Our annual Easter Crafting Comp will start on Friday afternoon! It will be time to get bunny busy and crafting items for the Easter Bunny. Pixelmon's competition will start a bit later over the weekend due to the map wipe. Stay tuned for more information and a Discord announcement.

Survival, Skyblock and Prison have a brand new death message plugin. A special thank you to Scyphers for coding it and Snowpeaa for the messages. As it is new, please report any bugs to staff.

On Friday, we will also be adding a brand new perk to the store which will allow players to set their own custom death messages.

Term 1 is coming to an end, how quick was that!  For those of you looking for something fun to do during the holidays, check out Survivals Easter Scavanger Hunt.  Starting at spawn, there are hidden clues which lead you along a path to a mystery location, once at the end, guess the theme for the final area and you go into a draw for a prize!  For more information on how to participate see the link to the forum page HERE.  A huge thank you to the staff who spent so many hours putting this together, make sure you check out each area, there is a lot to see!

I'm sure you are all very well aware that Bedwars has arrived on Fruit, which has been a huge hit. There are new maps in the works as we speak, and a few competitive things planned for the near future! In addition to this, the Skyblock team have been as busy as bunnies organising events for the Easter season!

The Prison Team is happy to announce the new addition of Fruister and Monthly crates! The way to obtain a Fruitster key will be from the Vote Store,Monthly and Daily Crates as well from the Special Limited Edition category of the Prison Store. Monthly Keys will be obtainable from /rewards as well as from the other Crates on prison!

The Wandering Trader has a brand new collection of items you can purchase with your spare star coins, some of the contents include a Fancy Rename Tag you can use to make the names of your items fancy! The Chestplate piece for the Galactic Armor Set as well as a Stack of Enchanted Golden Apples!

The Scavenger Hunt is taking another return to Prison in the month of April! The FruitGods have hidden the Item very well this time so you may need to keep your eyes wide open when looking around Planets 4 and 5 as you might be looking straight at it! Best of luck Adventurers there’s only 1 Prize available!

This Easter Sunday, Prison will be hosting an Easter Free For All! So get ready for this amazing event that we have prepared for you all! Some say that it's going to be Eggcellent!


A huge thank you to everyone who has contributed this month, your donations go towards continuing

to develop fun new content for everyone.

★Vote Competition★

This month was another competitive month for voting, great work to everyone who takes the time to vote every day!  Congrats to _nck991_, Modestyy and Archades, you have snagged yourself a voucher for the store!  Contact a Community Manager or H1N9 to redeem it.  Please remember that votes are tallied a few hours before the end of the month, so if you try and sneak in a few last minute votes they may not be counted.

★Top Players★

FruitServers is an amazing community because of the people that are a part of it. Every month one player and one staff member from Survival, Skyblock, Prison, and Pixelmon are selected and acknowledged for their contribution to the server, whether it be ingame or behind the scenes.

Since _Demonic_wolf_ has joined our community she has been a wonderful player. Always helpful and interactive in our community, and giving a sense of belonging to all new players. Keep up the great work _Demonic_wolf_! ~ Opalz

Sir_Puddin has definitely made quite an impression on prison this month! Whether its helping newer players understand prison better or being friendly to all the players making them feel welcomed! We thank you for your efforts and good job on getting Player of the Month for Prison!

Picklx has been a very welcoming and friendly face on the server for the month of March, and has grown significantly as a positive influence on the server. Congratulations picklx!

Fritz_ is a friendly player who always tries to get the entire community involved in projects they are working on.  Since the start of this map they have been working hard on warp eden which really shows the dedication and effort they bring to what they do.  Fritz_ can often be seen hanging around the discord, chatting with others as well as joining in on event nights.  Congratulations Fritz_, you help make Survival a fun place to spend time. ~ Ahtnamas80

Nebula has been hard at work with our upcoming endeavors and putting countless hours into our server to help make it an even better place. Thank you Nebula! ~ Opalz

ItzBezz has been on the prison team for a while now and this month we acknowledge his outstanding efforts to always make sure our events are hosted as smoothly as possible.

Rappart always strives to ensure everything is fair and just in our glorious Fruitbowl. No challenge is too small for Rappart, as shown in his significant efforts this month helping to bring Bedwars together. Well done on your hard work Rap!

BorisOz is a reliable, hard working staff member, who has put an enormous amount of effort into the fruit quests.  Each month he spends hours coding all the quests, then testing and bug fixing, always quick to fix any issues that pop up and determined to make the quests the best experience for the players.  Thank you for all your hard work Boris, Survival would not be the same without you.

We are lucky to have such a strong staff team to help make Fruit Servers great!  If you are interested in joining one of our amazing staff teams, we are alway looking for more people to join in the fun.  You can fill in an application for a staff role HERE.

That's the conclusion of this post! We say goodbye to March and a sweet hello to April. We have plenty of ideas and events coming and cannot wait for you all to see them. Have a safe and happy holiday my friends and keep an eye out for that Easter Bunny he's rather sneaky!

End of Post.