March Recap
Written by Goldsta

Greetings Fruitsters, welcome to the March recap. This post will touch on what has been yet another hectic month, but we’re also going to talk about some other exciting things we’re finally ready to reveal. Without spoiling too much about the juicy surprises, let’s dive right into the post!

Fruitbowl News

You spoke, we listened. As FruitPrison has finally gained traction and has developed a community of its own, we’re now ready to unveil the next big Fruitservers project. Expect FruitFactions to be even more ambitious than our last endeavour - to that end we’ve hired 3 new developers to tackle it! We’ve no doubt that FruitFactions will be a welcome addition to the network, progress updates will be done via the forums and discord. Our staff teams are excited to see the influx of toxic players. Hype!

Easter Cancelled
In light of the monumental project that is FruitFactions becoming our main priority, we’ve made the difficult decision to cancel all Easter events for 2019. I hope you can all understand that this is the best decision for our server - please note we will still be selling the Easter kits at three times their normal price to cover the costs of our newly acquired developers.

Something Exciting!
Now it’s time to talk about a project that’s been in the works for the better part of 2 years. I am incredibly excited to show you the first working screenshot of 'Fruit Pears' - the official dating app for Fruitservers! The marriage plugin has always been incredibly popular and we wanted to take this to the next level. Gone are the days of having to play on our wholesome server by your lonesome. GONE are the days of having to ask random players a/s/l! This nifty little application will solve all of your woes to find your perfect soulmate ingame.

You can swipe left / right to find the perfect date and even 'super dig' users. Better start practising your best Minecraft pickup lines.

Top Donors
Shout out to everyone who has donated - your donations have been put to good use as our new FruitFactions developers continue to work tirelessly to bring you the wholesome content you're so accustomed to.

Voting Competition
Huge thank you to everyone who has been voting regularly - voting has been super competitive as of late. This month there were too many winners for our normal prizes so instead all the winners will receive exactly one unenchanted gold axe on the server of their choice. Please join me in congratulating all of the following players on their brand new unenchanted golden axe - jdrocks21, jadeos, naatilly, blackrexy, Opalz, stockerz, avalon03!

Build Competition

Take it away Rav!

Last months build competition was a massive success so this month we are coming back at you with another great theme!!! This month we want you to build something..... then tear it a part!!! We want you guys to build us some ruins!!! Once again there are some rules to follow so be sure to keep those in mind while building your masterpieces!!

Competition Rules

  • The build must be a Maximum of a 80 x 80 blocks. To stay within this boundary, we suggest creating a border to work within.
  • The build must have some sort of ruins in it!
  • Build must be completed by April 29th 8pm AEDST.
  • You must work alone, if you do not you will be disqualified.
  • All entries must be built on the creative server.
  • As cool as pixel art is, this isn’t the place for it.
  • Don’t copy another person’s work, whether it be from in or outside of the server. BE ORIGINAL!
  • We need at LEAST 5 people to participate to hand out prizes, so spread the word!
  • This build needs to have been started and completed within the month of March.
  • Completed entries that don't earn a prize will net the builder a token on their server of choice.

Top Players

FruitServers is an amazing community because of the people that are a part of it. Every month one player and one staff member from both Survival and Skyblock are selected and acknowledged for their contribution to the server, whether it be ingame or behind the scenes.

Player of the month Survival - Buckwild3234. Another one of our veteran players, Buck has been nothing but friendly and welcoming towards everyone and she deserves recognition for her consistency.

Player of the month Skyblock - Snoozn_. A fresh, jovial face on Skyblock, Snoozn_ has stood out amongst the crowd throughout March.

Player of the month Prison - Slayerslyth2. Slayer has become one of the more regular faces over on Prison, happily tackling all of the new challenges that are thrown their way.

Staff of the month Survival - nickygs. Few staff approach their role with as much enthusiasm as nicky. His uplifting attitude makes him an absolute pleasure to be around whenever he's on.

Staff of the month Skyblock - Choccy_. Once more, Choccy is being acknowledged for holding the fort and performing outstandingly while others have been busy. She has gone above and beyond to become a role model for the newer staff members.

Staff of the month Prison - spleggeti. Overlooking the absolutely ridiculous sheep skin, spleggeti has continued to strive to become a leading member of the FruitPrison team. His efforts and persistence have won him this special award once more.

Survival, Prison, and Skyblock are lucky to have such strong moderating teams, however we are always accepting applications for all of our staff roles. Our wonderful Event and Build Teams in particular are still looking to grow so if you'd like to be a part of something special do consider looking into these roles. Think you have what it takes to join one of these fantastic teams? Submit an application at

As mentioned in previous months we always look forward to hearing feedback from you guys about possible improvements. If you have ideas, please share them with us either through the website, in-game, or via discord. We want to know what you think!

Disclaimer - certain parts of this post may have been fabricated.
Disclaimer 2.0 - Fruitservers is not responsible for anyone getting their hopes crushed over FruitFactions.
Disclaimer 3.0 - Bananas.

End of Post.