March Recap
Written by LeRothy

Hello all Fruitsters! It is me, your latest community manager LeRothy bringing you all the cool and interesting news from around the fruit bowl this month.
Remeber that Easter is coming up and Fruitservers will bring you the best events so get your easter skins on and get hyped!
This month went by in a flash and we welcome the start of April with a look back at the greatest moments from March.
Lets not waste anymore time and get rigggggggght into the newwws!

Over the past 12 months, the gaming world has been taken by storm over the immense value and possibilities that cryptocurrencies and NFTs bring to gaming. Here at Fruit Servers, we always like pushing the boundaries. It is with great excitement that we can today announce a major project which we have kept under wraps for many months now - FRUIT COIN.

Fruit Coin is your next generation cryptocurrency, built on the Polkadot network. We will be using Fruit Coin ingame to purchase items from the shop, /ah etc. It will replace the current ingame currency system. Best of all, Fruit Coin will be the only currency we accept to purchase perks or benefits from the server store.

We are already in negotiations with a number of leading Australian crypto exchanges to list Fruit Coin, allowing you to turn your hard work ingame into IRL $$$. This play to earn system will be a first for Minecraft in Australia.

To kick off the launch of Fruit Coin, we will be running an Initial Coin Offering (ICO). This gives all of YOU amazing Fruitsters the possibility of buying Fruit Coin before it officially launches. This exclusive token allocation event will kick off on the 14th of April and will be accompanied by our whitepaper.

We will be aiming to raise $4-5 million USD as part of this ICO.

To reward the largest backers of the Fruit Coin ICO, we will be releasing a range of exclusive limited edition NFTs.

For every $1000 USD contributed to the Fruit Coin ICO, you will receive one exclusive Fruity NFT.

You can see a preview of two of these NFTs below.

We can't wait to see the amazing community support for this project.

Heyo Prisoners! What a wild month it has been for prison ay? Firstly, yes, I don't have a cool picture for my messages yet but hey, cool things can be done in paint. Secondly, let me say a big thank you to all our supporters and a big farewell to our old community manager Spleggeti. You will be missed and I will try my best to fill in the massive gap you have left in the server (and also the bugs from our custom enchants that you never fixed).

A new month also entails a new monthly quest! This months quest is located on Planet 5 and requires you to help the Quest Navigator to find the glowing ameythst shard. It is hidden in a cave under a building some say but no one knows for sure! Start the quest by seeing the Quest Navigator on Planet 5 to start your quest and get that monthly key!

The wandering trader has moved around the fruit solar system once again! This time the trader has ended up on Planet 5. He is just chilling in a place that should be nice and warm but isn't for some odd reason. The trades have been updated once again and you can now claim a fruitster key if you have enough coins! Good luck and happy hunting!

Hello Fruity Folk, I have a lot to tell you about, we have been working on so many things recently, and it is an exciting time as they are all starting very soon! The first school holidays start for some people next week, so to keep everyone entertained over the next few weeks we have some fun events planned over the next few weeks. Starting next Friday, we will be doing an End Reset! The dragon will be back, and at 8pm we wil all head to the end to bring her down! This means that all new end cities will be generated, with plenty of elytras waiting to be nabbed. The current end dimension will be replaced, so if you have a build there currently you have until Thursday at the latest to get anything out of there before it will be gone forever!

Starting next Friday we will also be running an Egg decorating Competition, where players will have the chance to decorate a large egg, with some cool prizes being awarded to the best builders out there. Keep an eye on the forums and discord for more information next week. There will also be a Super Challenge running during the holidays, with some special eggs to be found by the most adventurous explorers among you. During the Easter week, we will be running THREE events, there will be Rob the Nest on Wed 13th, A brand new Hide and Seek on Friday 15th and an Easter Themed Build Battle on Sunday 17th at 2pm. Make sure you come along, especially to the hide and seek if you have ever wanted a chance to hide! This Hide and Seek will see two teams compete and take turns being the hiders and the seekers! Finally I have heard a rumor about a special visitor coming to Fruit Servers soon, who has some new events for players to participate in, and earn more rewards, so make sure you keep your eyes on the forums and discord, more announcements will be coming during the next week!

Well thats all the news from me, can't wait for you all to see the fun stuff we have coming up!

♦ Donations ♦

Thank you to everyone who has contributed this month!Your donations go towards continuing to develop fun new content for everyone.

♦ Voting Competition ♦

Reminder to everyone that votes are tallied up for the post a few hours before the end of the monthso sneaking in a couple of votes right at the end may not help.Your votes help to support us in letting others know what a great time you have on Fruit Servers,you also get vote and party keys as a thank you. So please remember to vote everyday, we really appreciate it!Please message a Community-Manager or H1N9 to redeem your voucher.

♦ Top Players ♦

Fruit Servers is an amazing community because of the people that are a part of it.  Every month one player and one staff member from each server are selected and acknowledged for their contribution to the server, whether it be ingame or behind the screnes.

Godz had a simple idea, start a public warp where people can mine resources if they want to. That simple idea has become warp hole, something that i have not seen during my time playing minecraft. This area has become a community hub, where players come together and hang out, mine, and enjoy spending time together, and zzdeathgodzz is always there to hang out and chat with anyone who wants to. Thank you zzDeathGodzz for putting in the work to create something very unique for the community.

MrMasher has always been a friendly face and an excellent player, but has recently stumbled into the hearts of staff amidst stunning Wordle results. Thank you for the Wordle encouragement!

ChocBallz has proven themselves as being a key member of the Pixelmon community. They won't hesitate to have a lovely chat to anyone and love to help our newer members of Pixelmon. Congrats ChocBallz!!

Since joining the staff team Stash has been a consistent and reliable staff member, he works hard to make sure that any issue is resolved to the best of his ability, and always has time to help anyone who needs it. He is a friendly, welcoming person, who shows a lot of care and compassion to everyone around him. Thank you for being an amazing staff member Stash.

Ellenox has shown exemplary dedication to the server ever since she joined the team, excelling in the arts of trouble-making and meme-ry. The team wouldn't be the same without the family favourite smellenox, congratulations!

Shivelry has been a great addition to the Prison build team and has been the driving force behind some of prisons most recent builds! Shiv has and still is doing so much work behind the scenes to bring these amazing builds to the enterity of prison. Keep up the good work and congrats to you Shiv!

ItsMoustachio has been Pixelmon's early riser for some time, putting in the hours where the server is still. Rest assured, it has not gone unnoticed! Thank you for all your efforts this month, and congratulations Moustachio!

That concludes another Monthly Post!
I hope you all enjoy your April fools and remeber to get hyped for Easter!
See you around the fruit bowl. ~LeRothy

End of Post.