Written by SirEraze

Woah! look! It's time for the monthly post. May I? *makes really bad joke about the month May*

Hello, hello, hello! Guess who? Could it be AUZombie, could it be Gamerbabe? No. Its just me, silly old Eraze!
Another amazing month in the land of Fruit, what can i say? Everyone in this community continues to impress me, and the growth of the server is still such a shock. I know i say this on behalf of the team every month, but, thank-you! So many cool things happened this month, most that you are likely aware of. Firstly though, Easter! What a great Easter, and what better way to spend it than eating chocolate with all you Fruit heads! I would also like to thank all of those who purchased our very first Event Kit. These will most likely be happening for all of the major world events, and will be a nice chance to get some limited edition stuff that you can keep for ever! As well as this, we also saw plenty of new plugins from our amazing Developer OhBlihv. Don't worry, he isnt done just yet!

So, like always, i will try to keep this post as detailed as possible without boring you to death, and i will highlight all the key things that we will be talking about. Hope you enjoy!


Players and Donations

Like every month, we have once again been stormed with new players, and donors to keep the server going. Last month we celebrated 4000 players, and guess what? Now we have 5750.. I know right. Anyway, keep up the amazing work, get all your friends online, and make sure you are nice and friendly to all the new players.


Some of you may have already seen, but our Head-Mod _Entei_ has been reworking the forums, and working his absolute best to make it more interactive, and fun for everyone. Some things that have already been added are; Forum Awards, Milestones, Weekly topics and games and much more. So a big thanks to our main man Entei for being the new Head of the forums, and make sure you get involved!


Like most months, we have once again made some changes to the Staff roster. We are going to try and bring in at least one new member a month, until we dont need any more. We have spruced up the application, and will be making further changes. So if you seriously consider yourself someone who is fit to be on this growing team, make sure you send in an application!

Staff changes are:
MOD EZ420, MOD Fledge, HEAD-MOD _Entei_ and TRIAL-MOD TiaTree. Welcome to the team Tia, and congratulations to all the other members who have been promoted!

Thank-you to these top voters of April. Voting is one of the key ways that we get new users on the server, and we are amazed with the amount of support we are getting!


This section is dedicated to players that strive to be better, and are dedicated to the server. Each winner will receive their head at spawn for the month of April, and an awesome Forum badge.

Player of the month: Goldsta

Congrats Goldsta! We are more than happy to announce you the Player of the month for April. You have been continuously active on the Server, the Chat and with the community in general. You are a long time, dedicated player who has earned the respect it takes to be a leader, and a role model to others. We are proud to have you on this server, and we hope you continue to strive!

Staff of the month: AUZombie
What can i say AUZ? The people love you! You have continuously been behind the back of this community since the day you joined. You are a joyful, passionate and enthusiastic individual who knows how to keep a community in touch. You are smart, funny and all the rest. We couldn't have done it without you AUZ, and like always, thanks for the outstanding work!

This months building competition didn't go quite as we planned. The theme we chose was Outerspace, and it seems a lot of users weren't interested in this. Because of the lack of interest, we only ended up with 5 entries. And out of these 5 entries, only about 3 had actual time and effort put into them. We understand this theme may not have been for everyone, but it is still quite disappointing. Because of this, we have postponed the Razer mouse give away for the month of May, where we will be picking a more suitable them, and changing up the rules a little to hopefully get some more people involved. Instead of giving away the mouse, we have stuck to the original store vouchers.


This months building theme is 'Egyptian', This could be anything from an Egyptian village, to a run down pyramid, to an ancient Sphinx. Take it any way you like, and make it as creative as possible. However! There is a twist! This month building competition MUST be completed in the Creative world!

Competition Rules:
- Build must be finished by the 30th of May
- Users cannot work in pairs
- Build must follow the theme of the month
- Build must be created in the creative world
- Only one entry per user

How to enter:
To enter, simply write in the comments that you are done, and your in game name. Then we will teleport to your plot to review it.

This month we will be doing a major prize! However, this also means there will only be one winner! This months major prize is a Razer Deathadder Chroma!


[+] Changed unknown command message[+] Added multiple new rules[+] Changed, added and fixed the forums (Entei)[+] Added PVP plugin (Blihv)[+] Changes to hall of fame[+] Changed client side player hover message
[+] Fully automated, and spruced up Hall of fame (Blihv)
[+] Changes to Staff and Ban applications
[+] Added join/leave messages for team-speak in-game
[+] Complete overhaul of the team-speak server (Blocker06 and MP2)
[+] Added custom death messages
[+] Added Staff of the month poll

Coming soon:
- Oh lord.. you wish you were allowed to know.

That is for me this time everyone! Hope you all liked another Monthly post, and lets make this month full of fun and excitement! See you all soon, and stay safe!- That weird old guy who sniffs fruit; Eraze x

End of Post.