May Recap
Written by Ascacos

Welcome one and all to another monthly post! There is never a dull moment on Fruitservers, and it is my pleasure to deliver the juicy goss and nutritious news!

This is an exciting time for Fruitservers, as we are now busy organising the fifth annual Fruitlympics!

For those who are new in our community, the Fruitympics is an event where every server in our fruity network comes together and competes for the honor and title of Fruitlympics Champion.  Players can nominate which server they would like to represent, and then enter a range of events, with the server who wins the most events, winning the overall competition.  In honour of the host of the 2021 Olympics, we are running a Japanese inspired Fruitlympics, with our builders working hard now on creating some truly beautiful Japanese themed events.

The events we will be running during the fruitlympics are -

  • Dig Down
  • Horse Race
  • Bed Wars
  • Mob Arena
  • KOTH
  • Spleef
  • Battle of the Wizards
  • Obstacle Course
  • FINALE: Hunger Games.

More information on dates and how to enter will be coming over the next few weeks, so keep an eye on the weekly posts!

To celebrate our fifth Fruitlympics we are running a couple of new competitions to give our amazing community a chance to get in on the fun early.

  • Custom Skin competition - For all you artistic, clever people out there, we are wanting some unique, original, custom skins to use for NPC’s around our Fruitlympic event builds.  These can be either for a specific event, or a general character that fits with the overall theme. To enter, send your skin to Ahtnamas80 via the website. All entries are eligible to be featured during Fruitlympics!
    > These skins must be your own original work.  
    > Skins must be submitted before Friday 18th June.
    > The top 3 skins will received a prize, with 1st place being awarded a $15 Store Voucher

  • Decor Contest  - We would love to showcase some of our players amazing builds around the event areas for Fruitlympics. To enter this contest, create an original decorative build that fits the theme of one of the events, or the overall Fruitlympics theme - Japanese. Submit screenshots to Ahtnamas80 via the website All entries are eligible to be featured during Fruitlympics!
    > Submissions close Friday 18th June.  
    > The builds must be no larger than 20x20 blocks.
    > The top 3 builds will received a prize, with 1st place being awarded a $15 Store Voucher

For more information on either of these competitions please contact Ahtnamas80, or one of our friendly staff.

Prison UpdatesThe Wandering Trader has yet again moved spots this month and will be hidden on Planet 9! His collection now includes 32 Legendary books, a Slot Increaser for your custom enchant items and a Shulker Box! Be sure to adventure around planet 9 to find the trader in the month of June!Hey there fellow Fruit Prisoners! A new month means a new scavenger hunt! This time it will not be so easy. Searching everywhere is key, you never know where the hidden code may be. Lucky for you we can narrow it down for you. From what I hear it is somewhere on planets 2-4. Who knows what the prize is but I hear it is something legendary! Best of luck and happy hunting!

Prison CosmeticsAs of tomorrow afternoon, we will be selling cosmetic crates in the Fruit Prison store. Prison has had a custom resource pack for a long time and with a whole pile of new changes recently, we have been able to add in a significant number of new cosmetic models.These models can be worn as a hat, on your back as a cloak or as an item. The crate keys will allow you to unlock different cosmetics which will be stored in a cosmetic vault and transfer between different maps.​Survival StoreThe Survival store will be undergoing some minor improvements over the next week or so! We are rolling out new icons that make everything prettier and more consistent. This will then be followed by Skyblock and Prison!

★ Donations ★

A huge thank you to everyone who has contributed this month, your donations go towards continuing
to develop fun new content for everyone.

★ Vote Competition

Reminder to everyone that votes are tallied up for the post a few hours before the end of the month so sneaking in a couple of votes right at the end may not help. Props to everyone for keeping voting as competitive as it has been, looks like everyone is eager to win themselves a voucher! Great work Sunto on 1st, Estaban on 2nd, and lceMocha on 3rd. Keep up the great work everyone, please message a Community-Manager or H1N9 to redeem your voucher.

Top Players

FruitServers is an amazing community because of the people that are a part of it. Every month one player and one staff member from each server are selected and acknowledged for their contribution to the server, whether it be ingame or behind the scenes.

Player of the Month Survival -  LemonDropzz is one of our amazing international players, who is very active in chat with everyone. Always ready to welcome new players, answer any questions that come up, or just have a friendly chat with whoever is around, Lemondropzz is a wonderful part of our community, and a joy to spend time with online. Congratulations Lemondropzz!

Player of the Month Skyblock - vipersmile is a player that all of us on Skyblock know well. Vipersmile is kind, welcoming and is always present in chat, and on discord too! Overall, we have seen a lot more from viper this month than ever before. Thank you for being your bubbly self, congratulations vipersmile!

Player of the Month Prison - SpookyPrism - Spooky has definitely shown us on the Prison server that he has changed for the better. From welcoming new players, to helping them out with their questions about the server. Thank you for your contributions and congratulations Spooky!

Player of the Month Pixelmon - Wildborr is an outstanding and incredibly active member of our community. Wildborr is always interactive in-game and on discord. Constantly chatting, and interacting positively with the community. Keep it up!

Staff of the Month Survival -  Bupteddie is a dedicated and hard working member of the staff team, who not only makes every effort to support her fellow staff members, but makes sure that players are happy and comfortable, and enjoying their time on survival. It has been an absolute pleasure to have bup as part of the survival team, and she very deserving of this award. Congratulations Bup!

Staff of the Month Skyblock - Kramhs has impressed us all this month, in both his commitment to the server and the energy he shows when helping out players in the community with such consistency. There is never a dull moment with Kramhs, which is something everybody can agree on. Congratulations Kramhs, very well deserved!

Staff of the Month Prison - Awhzy has been quite an excellent addition to the Prison staff team over the past couple of months. From his outstanding activity, to his helpfulness to the players who need assistance. Awhzy is there to give you a hand with all those questions! Thank you Awhzy.

Staff of the Month Pixelmon - Reubs has shown everyone he is an incredibly valuable member of our staff team over the last few months and his hard work has not gone unnoticed. Thanks for all your hard work Rubs, we appreciate everything that you do.Fruitservers is lucky to have such strong moderating teams, however we are always accepting applications for all of our staff roles. Our wonderful Event and Build Teams in particular are still looking to grow so if you'd like to be a part of something special do consider looking into these roles. Think you have what it takes to join one of these fantastic teams? Submit an application at

As always we look forward to hearing feedback from you guys about possible improvements. If you have ideas, please share them with us either through the website, in-game, or via discord. We want to know what you think!

If you are reading this, comment your favourite colour!
Happy June
~ Asc

End of Post.