May Recap
Written by H1N9

Welcome to the May Monthly Post, let’s not waste any time and head straight into it!

Reborn has been working incredibly hard to help improve the experience for all players on the server by adding some amazing QoL features. We are going to be slowing down on the Additions to the server now due to all that we have added. The following below is what we have changed or added:

  • Added an additional 1000 mine levels the cap is now at 2,000
  • Fixed randomization of Lucky Blocks
  • Rebalanced Clear Layers
  • Added another 300 levels of Clear Layers
  • Added another 300 levels of Explosion
  • Added another 30 levels of Token Bonus
  • Added another 30 levels of eToken Bonus
  • Added another 30 levels of Cash Bonus
  • Brand New blocks in the mines after Level 1000
  • PVP Mine with all Ores
  • Mobs around the planets
  • /lu for a quicker command to levelup
  • /mg for a quicker command to manager
  • Added Earthquake enchant with 600 levels
  • Added Meteor Shower enchant with 300 levels
  • Added Shadow Clone enchant with 300 levels
  • Added Tidal Wave enchant with 300 levels
  • New enchant refund system that returns 75% of spent eTokens
  • Planet 2 is now out and ready for all to explore!
  • Added Ascension level, global boost timer, and hex colors to the scoreboard.
  • Updated /gazza with a Blockpedia, which shows you what you receive from mining each block.
  • Added /build sethome command to change your /build teleport location.

Hi all of you! Welcome to my first monthly post!

We have recently had an end-reset on survival! It was a blast to watch the chaos unfold with the elevator shenanigans to the barrier parkour! Mind the gap as you traverse the end islands in search of the all precious elytra high up in the end cities! This month has been a hectic one, the staff have been very busy on back-end things, which I am very excited to see in action! I cannot yet say anything regarding this, but I am in love with said project.

  • New things around the place - smaller yet good to know. We have a new duels arena built by our loved admin, lceMocha! Battle it out in this all new Samurai inspired arena! May the best warrior win! There have also been some slight additions to /warp shop - no sell nerfs! so don't fret!
  • Hay bales added back into rotation Buy- $54 Sell -$9
  • Moss Blocks added. Buy - $12 sell - 50c
  • Zombie Villager Spawn Eggs Added - $7.5k/ea
  • Mud price change - Halved from $20 -> $10
  • Amethyst Block - Sell n/a -> $2

That’s all /warp shops updates! Onto other news, we have a couple new events in the works. ‘Pirates’ - Built by our local pumpkin - DG_AU (special mention from starwolf_ ‘H1 will twerk on you if you come along) More along the way!

The world border has also been fully expanded to 10kx10k! Happy exploring!

A message from our quest team! We are always open to new theme/individual quest suggestions! Please head to All your information on quests is also available at /warp quests in game!

★Vote Competition★

Reminder to everyone that votes are tallied up for the post a few hours before the end of the month so sneaking in a couple of votes right at the end may not help. Props to everyone for keeping voting as competitive as it has been, looks like everyone is eager to win themselves a voucher! Keep up the great work everyone, please message a Community-Manager or H1N9 to redeem your voucher this month.

★Top Players★

Zakxxx Has been a wonderful addition to the staff team! They are always happy to put a hand up for help, whether it be to help a player or another staff member out! Zak is wonderful to chat to and actively engages within the community! A big thankyou zak for all your hard work! Special mentions to DG_AU and milkyocha! Both wonderful work from you two! Keep it up. Congratulations all!
Our newer staff are unmatched in our recent months; first our lovely ShadowRRoses and now her beau, Siolllard! You may have seen this rockstar online, as he is one of our more active staff. Siolllard is always ready to help or chime in for a chinwag. What you don't see is the hard work he does in the background; as well as sitting on our shoulders like a little angel, giving great advice and keeping our spirits high. Siolllard is very deserving of our SOTM title!
lceMocha has been an invaluable asset to our team this month, diligently working behind the scenes to create documents and resources that have greatly benefited both staff and players. Always available to assist other staff members and improve our processes, Mocha’s efforts have significantly streamlined our operations. Thank you, Mocha, for your outstanding contributions and dedication!
RebornIV has been an amazing help the past month with taking on the big task of working on the Prison Plugin, within a couple of weeks he has done the impossible and fixed all our bugs and added in things we’ve wanted for a while now. Thank you Reborn for working non stop to try and get these additions out and you have been an outstanding help with making the server a better place! Congratulations.‌ ‌
Well well well, zuruii has been a standout this month! They have been actively engaging on the discord, in game and helpful all around! O’l zur has been with us for some time now, through thick and thin. This one has been well deserved. A big congratulations to zuruii!
During May, Linkyyyyy's dedication to the sky was phenomenal. Staff have resolutely agreed that Linkyyyyy is kind and easy to have a conversation with. They're approachable and a blast to have around during events, giving everyone a run for their money. We have consistently noted their engagement with the community, whether it be problem solving or offering the community villagers and piglins at their player warp. We don't often see piglin trading offered to the public! Linkyyyyy is one player we admire and appreciate.
DeadEyez_Blade has truly stood out this month with their friendliness and positive impact on both in-game and Discord interactions. Since joining the server, they have brought a lively energy to the chat, making our community more engaging and enjoyable for everyone. Always willing to help and share a laugh, DeadEyez_Blade has quickly become a cherished member of our community. Congratulations on being our Player of the Month, DeadEyez_Blade!‌ ‌
Starlethe and Endelasia are both Amazing players, always friendly, active and engaging with the community no matter which way. It was impossible to pick a Player of the Month between these two so this month you both get the award! Thank you for making the community such a friendly place to be and helping all players while you are online and in discord. Congratulations Starlethe and Endelasia! ‌ ‌

Fruitservers is an amazing community because of the people that are a part of it. Every month one player and one staff member from each server are selected and acknowledged for their contribution to the server, whether it be in-game or behind the scenes.


Stay safe out there, when you read this, Ping DG_AU on discord the word ‘Pumpkin’


End of Post.