May Recap
Written by Goldsta

May Recap Time!

Hello Fruitsters, and welcome to another monthly post! Almost half way through the year and somehow we're only getting busier?! Your dedicated Moderator, Event-Coordination, and Build teams have been working hard to keep everything running smoothly, remember to show them some love when you see them. The focal point of this post is going to be a certain new server that has opened recently! Don't know what I'm referring to? Then this post is for you!

FruitBowl News

Our long awaited expansion to the Fruitservers network finally arrived in May, the project is absolutely massive and everything else done for Fruitservers thus far pales in comparison to the scale of FruitPrison. Numerous people have worked so hard to bring this idea to life, a few of whom can be seen in the special Contributor section at spawn. Make sure you check it out, it's a completely customised experience and I can guarantee it's the most unique Prison experience you will ever come across. The teams are working on a myriad of things, many of which you've seen the first of in recent weeks. Hype!

Get excited for the return of Fruitlympics! 2017's rendition of Fruitlympics saw Survival clash with Skyblock in a very closely-contested series of events where Survival came out on top. With Prison entering the fray this year, we have decided to combine Skyblock and Prison to take on Survival! Worry not, you will be able to apply to support the server of your choice just as you were able to last year.

As usual Survival and Skyblock have crushed their goals, amazing work everyone. Surprisingly Prison has also smashed their goal despite having a very limited donation store for the time being. Special shoutout to teterine and splegetti who are appearing to be a car salesman's dream - I wonder if there's anything in the store they won't buy? Thank you to everyone for the outstanding support, we've got more fun things planned for coming months.

Voting Competition

Reminder to everyone that votes are tallied up for the post a few hours before the end of the month so sneaking in a couple of votes right at the end may not help. Voting has become insanely competitive as of late. Everyone is eager to win a vote voucher! Congratulations to Raptortwiked on 1st place, Doctre_Sween on 2nd place, and the trio of Aussinator + Kairinezz + Pixerative on 3rd place. Keep up the support!

Build Competition

May's build competition seems to have flopped quite badly. We didn't notice a single entry being posted anywhere! With the assistance of a certain keen new member of the Pasta Squad, we've made June's build competition quite unique. I'll let _Ravioli explain things herself.

Hi everyone and welcome to our June build comp! This month we are shaking things up a little bit and we hope that you enjoy it! This month we are asking for a smaller build than usual, as the winner of the competition will have their build implemented into a new event map! HOW EXCITING??? We would like for you all to build us a TOWER. There of course will be rules and specifications, but all we want is one awesome tower from each awesome player!

Competition Rules

  • The tower must fit in a 64x64 plot, to assist you with staying within these boundaries, we suggest creating a border to work within.
  • The tower must be a maximum of 80 blocks high.
  • Build must be completed by June 29th 8pm AEST.
  • You must work alone, if you do not you will be disqualified.
  • All entries must be built on the creative server.
  • As cool as pixel art is, this isn’t the place for it.
  • Don’t copy other peoples work, whether it be from in or outside of the server. BE ORIGINAL!
  • We need at LEAST 5 people to participate to hand out prizes, so spread the word!
  • This build needs to have been started and completed within the month of June.
  • Completed entries that don’t place in the top 3 spots net the builder a token on the server of their choice.

Top Players

FruitServers is an amazing community because of the people that are a part of it. Every month one player and one staff memberfrom both Survival and Skyblock are selected and acknowledged for their contribution to the server, whether it be ingame or behind the scenes.

Player of the Month Survival - FuzzyBlueUnicorn. A friendly face on survival who greets everyone with a smile, Fuzzy has been exemplary throughout May. Irrelevant side note - I remember when she was known as Fuzzbaull years ago and the first thing she would do after logging in was send me a tp request just to follow me around. Congrats Fuzzy!

Staff of the Month Survival - SimpleDF. Sinpole here has been working wonders during the earlier hours while many of us Fruitsters are busy at work and school. Her work ethic throughout May has been nothing short of outstanding and she is most deserving of recognition. Well done Simple!

Player of the Month Skyblock - Joodicate. A friendly player who has stood out among her peers for her warm and welcoming attitude. Keep it up Joodicate, you've earned the award this month!

Staff of the Month Skyblock - Pixerative. Mr Pixerative has established a very strong reputation in his short tenure as staff thanks to his overwhelmingly friendly demeanour and his desire to help anyone and everyone. His presence on discord always gets the crowd excited, well done Pix!

Player of the Month Prison - teterine. What can I say about teterine that hasn't been said already? His incredible guide for FruitPrison (which has now been implemented into a command in-game) speaks volumes about his character - an asset to the server and a joy to have around. Well done tet!

Staff of the Month Prison - Remex_. We've mentioned the scale of FruitPrison many times now, the amount of effort Remex_ put in during the lead up to the server's release was just monumental. Remex lost a lot of sleep to help make the project happen, it would be almost criminal not to acknowledge his efforts. Well done Remex!

Survival, Prison, and Skyblock are lucky to have such strong moderating and build teams, however we are always accepting applications for both of these roles. Our Pasta Squad saw the recent addition of Ms. _Ravioli, however the event team is still looking to grow so if you'd like to be a part of something special do consider looking into this role. Think you have what it takes to join one of these fantastic teams? Submit an application at

As mentioned in previous months we always look forward to hearing feedback from you guys about possible improvements. If you have ideas, please share them with us either through the website, in-game, or via discord. We want to know what you think!

This wraps up another very rushed post (I promise it will be different next month)
Hope to see everyone in-game!


End of Post.