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Hey everyone! The pasta squad is back again with the weekly updates!

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Staff Updates:

Every week is full of fun and excitement on survival, and this week was no different, let’s get into it!  Unfortunately this week we’ve had to say good bye to our much beloved admin, Glacie. However we are always looking for new staff, so head on down to to apply to join us!


We kicked off our fun filled week with some corners!  Filled with excitement, new event-c’s and our favourite tunes it was a blast, shout out to the winners: Hovem, OwoPandaOwo, PurpleZircon and Breaking_Rad.

We continued the exciting week on Friday with our first game of spleef in 1.13, be sure to keep your eyes peeled for more events as they arrive.  The slimiest spleefers were LittlesSavage, Hovem, Dark_Crystrals1, Sparkly_Bubble, chloeisaperson, Choccy_, Sleepy_Ninja and last but not least, Spleggeti!

Selfie of the week:

All pasta squad members love a good pun, as well as Halloween! This selfie just takes the cake for us! Or should it be pumpkin pie?











Greetings Fruities! Godfrey here! Are you ready for a fun filled week recap?

We have some new features such as

  • You can now place coral out of water without it dying.
  • Turtle pet has been added to donator store
  • Events are being added to get your event pants on and prepare!
  • Biomes are now working!

Staff updates

A busy week with staff updates so let's get started. We saw RebornIV become a trial! Congrats. Sadly we saw Pixerative and Nuggs13 have left due to irl stuff. We will miss you and we hope to see you two around

But on a lighter note, If you think you have what it takes to join our cool kids team, try your luck in applying!


We had 2 bingo events in 1 week :O

Winners are Mz_Tee, AnAlphaLonzy, Tinycar123, Spleggeti, Godfreyyy, RebornIV and Gunner_Jack

Selfie of the week:

Choccy showed us this beautiful picnic scene using some amazing shaders! NICE!

>>Marriages of the week!<<

Choccy_ Apocalypsing

Harryyysan ThatSecondGuy

Scotty971234 ben_wiggers

Thats it from me, byee!


Geek will be attempting an update for prison in the next day or so! This should be exciting and is going to be a lot of work. Once it is updated successfully we will be implementing some awesome new ideas from the feedback that we have received and tweaking loads of existing stuff for everyone. Thank you for your patience with it.

Server Updates


Due to a lack of interest this months build competition has been pulled once again :( We hope to be back again soon with some awesome idea's (and world edit)!

That's all from us this week! Have a good one guys!

~Pasta Squad

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