Written by SirEraze

G'day everyone, Eraze here.
I have gathered you all here to talk about quite an important topic, which will be taking a big affect on the server in the coming weeks.

As you may or may not know, Mojang has finally announced the release date for the much awaited ability to change your current Username. This is a big step for the community, and the game itself, and could be terrible, or wonderful.

The main reason this update could be catastrophic, is because we have moved over to a new system, using a unique number of digits called a UUID. This is how your account is now registered and recognised, and will be how we keep your data from going anywhere, even once you change your name. The reason I am making this post, is just to inform everyone of what is coming, and prepare you all for the worst. So ill say it now, things could go wrong.
Here are some FAQ that you may like to read:
When will I be able to change my name?
- February the 4th

- If i change my name will I lose all my data (Money, rank and such)
No, since we are now using UUID's, all this information is safe.

- Will i have to pay to change my name?
No, the name changing is through Mojang, not us. And they have stated that all name changing will be free of charge.
Forum Section:I would assume alot of players will be changing their names on the first day, which will most likely be confusing to others, because they will have no idea who you are. Because of this, one of us Staff members are going to create a forum post, where you can post what your name was, and what it is now. Please use this if you are changing your name.
As I have already stated, this could ruing alot of things, and lead to some data loss. So if you are going to rush into changing your name, we will not go out of our way to help you fix what is lost, as we already have alot to do.

End of Post.