Nearing the end of February!
Written by RavynR

Welcome back to the weekly post! Crazy shenanigans have ensued across the previous two weeks so lets get right into the news!!

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Players Joined: 1, 999

Players Joined: 5, 842

Players Joined: 2, 601

% of Monthly Goal: 547%

% of Monthly Goal: 98%

% of Monthly Goal: 49%

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Server Announcements

A Message from H1;

SkyWars has returned to skyblock! There are a few bugs still, but we are pleased that the plugin has returned to Skyblock.


Well guys! It’s been a full 14 days since the map reset and things have not slowed down!

Staff Updates

No staff updates this week!!

Our Staff Squad is currently on the hunt for Moderators, Builders and Event-Coordinators! So if you’re interested in applying… follow this link!


On Wednesday we played our first event of the map - Musical Chairs!!

Players had fun dancing around the arena and feeling the adrenaline rush as they tried to get their square butts into our stair chairs!!! The winners of the evening were; poppy_chan, lemaaa, Saint_Ion, ItzBezz and the one and only H1N9!!!

On Friday players had their sweet tooth satisfied, They ran their way through our wonderful Candy Land Hide and Seek!! THERE WERE SOOOOOOOOOOOOO MANY WINNERS!!!! Congratulations to; V0rty, M1kehunt117, DeffsnotBK, madreeper, noobfezo, Slaughted, ibby, ItsSquish, theDreamer, xwebzy, p13sho3, _Valkyrie_101, Saenditha, Saint_Ion, _Trix0, Emilee_XIX, kavazy and funky_cow !

Selfie of the week

We are loving this definitely a family reunion and totally not a ritual picture! GG to EagleStripe for snagging the win this week!

Be sure to submit your selfies to our forum thread for your chance to win a token!!


There were WAAAAY too many marriages to post again this week! Here are some of our favourites!












Valentine’s Day is on its way! Welcome back to Skyblock’s weekly news!

Woohoo! The long-awaited Token items have made their return!! Skyblock has some shiny new items to purchase with those Event Tokens you’ve been collecting. Check out /warp token to see for yourself!

Speaking of these items, a big thank you to all those who helped give them names! If you would like to help Skyblock with the Token Item names- follow this link and suggest some of your own!

>> <<

P.S - Anyone whose name gets chosen will be featured on the item itself!

With the coming of a new month, comes some brand new items at /warp sale, and a little something sweet for your in-game love!

Bees are buzzing up in the sky! Remember to get your Bee Kit from the limited edition section on our very own Skyblock shop. It could disappear at any moment! If you’re an aspiring beekeeper and want a little kickstart to your career- this kit is for you! Plus something extra sweet- it’s completely free!!! Claim your free bee kit here >> <<

Staff Updates

No staff updates this week! :(

But you could change that!!

Feel like you got what it takes to be a part of our Skyblock staff team? Are you a well-connected, active, social-butterfly? If so, feel free to apply at


It’s Monday! You know what that means?

Events Night!!!

First up- a Skyblock favourite… Bingo! The players who got their 5-in-a-row this week were JozhyG, Bearrry, Reubs, _Trix0, ace1928, chloeconda, Mackaa_, Xtalize and snowpeaa!!

Then it was time for a few rounds of Hide & Seek, the players who found those sneaky staff members first were TheDusty1, Briarious, Bearrry, Xtalize, and XxenderpizzaxX!

Uh oh, the wrath of the Maze has struck Skyblock once more! The players who were the quickest-thinkers this week were Bilforde, KyanPVP, RACV, Benjabot_, Shadoka, Bananagasm, Opalz, Netzaltali, Xtalize, Reubs, JozhyG, Bearrry, TheDusty1, Ascacos, Eeveey, Mathew021 and DownRanger!

Saturday night games night is here!!

First up on the agenda, Corners! The players who dance-dance-danced their way to victory this week were Reuben_Medik, Aquarius_1 and Benjabot_!

Next up, King of The Hill! The players who knocked it out of the park this week were kick1213, p13sh03, Tupaceha, Briarious and Xtalize!

Finally, Apple Hunt took us to the end of our events. The players who were the best at sniffing out those apples being OMGDimez, _Ravioli, Reuben_Medik, KynanPVP, Briarious, ItzBezz, Xtalize, Gylfmeister and Aquarius_1!

Remember! Skyblock hosts its two Games Nights on Monday and Saturday, so be sure to come along at 8pm AEDT for your chance to win some cool prizes!!!


Congratulations to this week’s happy couples!





Selfie of the Week

Your fuzzy friends are simply adorable snowpeaa!! Congratulations!

Remember! If you would like a chance to win an event token, post your selfies in selfie of the week!


Hello and welcome to the Prison portion of the post!

First a VERY IMPORTANT annoucnement from Goldsta!!!

Are you a fan of the fancy custom enchantments over on FruitPrison? The FruitPrison store now has a section for special little kits that will help give you the tools you need to make the most out of our custom enchantments. You can look forward to seeing this category grow with each passing week!

Now lets get into it!

Hey Fruitsters! Our amazing Developer Buguser has been hard at work to provide us some Quality of Life improvements to Prison! This link will show you what has been Updated, Changed and Balanced!

On Tuesday we started with some exciting rounds of Corners! spleggeti somehow snagged the first round followed by princesspoppy2 winning the next! Our final corners winner was ace1928! Congratulations!

Next we moved on to our traditional rounds of spleef where our winners were Netzaltali, Reubs, ItzBezz, Shakoda, spleggeti and Rothy1975.

Sunday night! You all asked for it, So bingo has returned! Congrats to our bingo winners Xtalize, H1N914, princesspoppy2, chloeconda, Brockb101, Shakoda, Netzaltali and Reubs!

To end off the night we played some round of KOTH, Solid effort everyone, Congrats to our winners; ItzBezz, SkellyBG, Rothy1975, buttjamint and Netzaltali!

Build Competition

There is no build competition at the moment. However, If you have suggestions for themes for future build competitions, please let us know in this forum thread.

Well what a week! Most players have returned to school or will be returning soon and its great to still see so many people active but remember to study guys! See you all next week!

- Bayleecraft, MrRandom287 & Ravioli

End of Post.