New Froots Resolutions!
Written by LadyAmayo

Heyo lovelies! It sure feels good to be back, Amayonnaise here coming at you with a list of all the new year's resolutions I’ve already failed to keep. Wait no, silly me, this is the WEEKLY POST!




Players Joined: 10,199

Players Joined: 6,331

Players Joined: 5,291

% of Monthly Goal: 218%

% of Monthly Goal: 154%

% of Monthly Goal: 12%

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A big, exciting announcement to make... is that we now have a special surprise waiting for you all at /warp limited! What's that!? Brand new token items available!? That's right, you heard it here first folks - We now have new token items available for you to redeem using all those sparkling tokens you've gained!

Staff Updates

The Survival Staff Squad is absolutely thrilled to welcome minelord135 as a fully-fledged Moderator! Welcome to the Mod Squad, leave your boots at the door please.

Our Staff Squad is always happy to welcome new moderators, and more especially Builders and Event-Coordinators, so if you’re interested in applying… follow this link!


One of our New Year’s Resolutions as Event-C’s is to keep you all entertained with brand-new events coming around the corner! Keep your eyes peeled on that Event Calendar for some interesting new minigames..

On Wednesday the 9th, players ran for their lives as the ever-menacing staff team struck them down in an all-time classic, Thunderdome! The survivors of this event were...

TwistOfFate1, Stockerz, Hadaru, expressoyourself, dustyboi, luxray2, and edward960 with 2 wins!

Friday the 11th, players crossed their fingers and tested their luck in Corners! The air was tense… The Corners could not be trusted… but we came out with a bunch of lucky champions! Congratulations to expressoyourself, Serestra, ChloePawl, Red_XIII, and choccy_.

Selfie of the week

Groot sure is flying high, I hope he doesn’t break a branch on the way down! Congrats _Kreeture_!



















Hello everyone! We’re very excited about the updates we had this week and hopefully you are too. Buckle up!


We’ve got a new addition to our server, Minions! Collect minions through the free kit, vote crates, user shops, the auction house, or by winning them in events. Minions do all kinds of marvelous things for you, so be sure to check out /warp minion in-game for more information.

Staff Updates

We’ve got a lot of staff updates this week! Congratulations to Gylfmeister and Euphoriella on their promotion to Admin! Congratulations to Mz_Tee for her promotion to Mod+! And a big congratulations to our newest Mod, HermezLove, on passing her trial period!

We’re always looking for staff, so If you feel like you have what it takes to join our Skyblock staff team apply at


We started this week with a few rounds of Bingo. Our lucky winners were Kenn_Ethic, MommaToy, NewHor1zons, _Tony, Euphoriella, and LukasLukes.

On Thursday we splurged and hosted Corners and KOTH!

Our Corners winners were LuminosityKreyul and Stelth_!

Our KOTH winners were LukasLukes, _Lantern_, HermezLove, TheBouncyFrog, ChoccyLatte, and kick1213!

On Saturday we had an electrifying game of Thunderdome! Our survivors were ILOVESTELTH, ThatGirl_PlaysMC, Alex_The_Kidd, ZeroFriends, and Chuz!

Well played, everyone! Remember that we did recently have a change to our event days. We now host events on Mondays, Thursdays, and Saturdays. Win events for cool prizes and the chance to win the coveted event tokens! These tokens can be used to purchase limited edition items at /warp token in-game. For our event schedule, visit












Selfie of the Week

Illuumii’s Island progress Ft Community Manager Vixxiie herself!

Remember to post your selfies to the forums for the chance to win an event token


Many of you should know that Prison’s New Year’s Resolution is to ensure there are new releases for all of you hardcore miners! And so...

We here at Prison are absolutely EXCITED to announce that a brand new planet is now available… Planet 8! Get your pickaxe polished and lemon pods fueled, ready to blast off at the speed of light, meowth that’s right!

We also will be releasing another planet fairly shortly, along with wood mines soon being available on all planets for all of you who are dying to start crafting! I hope you’re all hyped for these upcoming releases, because I know I sure am!

Server Announcements

Build Competition

As 1.13.2 has caused issues for our Creative Server we will not be hosting a build comp this month! Although we now have World Edit back we are going to wait and iron out all of the issues before we host our next Build Comp. But don’t feel disheartened, keep practicing your building for our next Build Comp, or to try out for our fantastic Build Team!

Even though I failed my own resolutions, I know the team here at Fruitservers will always strive to bring fun times! I hope you’ve had an absolutely splendid start to the New Year, beautiful people! - Amayo xx

End of Post.