New Ownership
Written by SirEraze

Hello Fruitsters.

From the look of the title, I'm sure you know exactly what this post is about. I'll try to keep it short and simple without getting too emotional.

Sadly, it is time for me to part with the server. Whilst I always told myself leaving wasn't an option, it is simply too much of a task for me to carry out on a daily basis. I love FruitServers more than anything, and it will always have an extra special spot in my heart. However, I just don't have the same level of enthusiasm as I used to, and to be completely honest I just don't think it is fair on this community for me to continue when I'm not giving it my all. Before I go any further I just want to say a quick thank-you. Thank-you to everyone who supported the server and myself from all the way back at the beginning of Orange Minecraft. Your ongoing support has been the one thing that kept this server alive and running the way it has over the past year and a half. So once again, thank-you!

So, without further adue I would like to introduce the new server Owner. Now before I begin, I would like to mention that I have been speaking to this individual for a long time now. He is very, very qualified in what he does, and is more than capable of giving FruitServers the love that it needs. And, his name is.. *drum-roll* H1N9. I would appreciate it if you could all make him feel warm and welcome, and assist him if he needs it. Show him around the server, and get to know him when you can. He will most likely make a post introducing himself, and his plan for FruitServers, so look forward to that.

I guess that is it everyone. I know this means I am leaving my Owner position, however you will still see me around. I will stay in contact, and I will hop on every now and then to say hello. Take care everyone, and I love you all!

End of Post.