Written by SirEraze

Hello everyone, Eraze here!

Im here to address something that has been an issue for quite a while.. PVP! Since day one, PVP has been a struggle for us. It has constantly been abused by players, to the point that we simply had to turn it off. Currently the only way to PVP is through the arena at spawn, however that doesn't seem to do the job.. Via the recent survey we did, we found out that most players dont like having PVP turned off, because they believe it ruins a great aspect of the game. They are right. So, we took it aboard like always, and got to the drawing board.

So, i am proud to present.. PVP 2.0! Created by our DEV OhBlihv.
In this post, i will walk you through how to use this new system, and hope to cover every possibly question you may ask.


Firstly, PVP will be turned off in the whole world unless you are in a 'Fight' with someone. You will not be able to hurt anyone, nor will they be able to hurt you.

To send someone a PVP request, you simply need to right click them. They will be prompted with a request that they can either Accept, or Decline.

Once the player has accepted your request, you will both be presented with a GUI. In this GUI you will be able to customize your fight to suit you and the person you are versing. You will see multiple items that do different things. Here i will explain each of these items, and what they do.

Firstly, you will see a piece of green wool. This green wool is what controls the rules of your fight, and you can toggle it between its two options. Basically, you want to choose whether you want the losing player to drop their items and XP when they die. When you have chosen if you want items to be dropped or not, you simply need to ready up using the diamond sword. However, if both players haven't chosen the same options, you will not be able to ready up, and the diamond sword will change to a barrier block. Once both players have readied up, you will be taken to a confirmation screen, where you can finalize the fight, and either confirm, or decline.

To the right of the GUI, you will see a piece of paper. This piece of paper will tell you information about PVP, and how to use the plugin if you are still confused. Underneath that, you will see a barrier block, this block allows you to cancel the fight, if you decide you do not want to go ahead.

Once both players have confirmed, the fight will begin after a 10 second count down. After this countdown, you will be given 5 minutes to fight, however, if neither player is killed in this 5 minutes, the fight will be canceled. Something to note is the fact that when you are in a fight, you CANNOT use any commands. This stops users from running at all, and makes it an equal dual.


The purpose of this plugin was to stop any arguments or fights between players and PVP. Because players can clearly select their own rules, there are NO excuses, and if you lose your items, Staff members WILL NOT give them back, because you agreed on the fight.

Only MEMBERS + can use the PVP plugin.

If you wish to turn off PVP, meaning people cannot send you requests, simply use /pvp toggle

PVP fights can currently only occur between two players, meaning there are no multi-fights. This may come in the future, however we cannot tell. This means you cannot hurt others when you are in a fight, and they cannot hurt you.

That's it for this one folks! Hope you all enjoyed the post, and i hope you all enjoy the plugin. Make sure to give a big thanks to Blihv when you see him next!

Eraze (Your friendly FruitLord)

End of Post.