November Recap
Written by H1N9

Hello Festive Fruitsters!  It is hard to believe that the silly season is upon us once again, but here we are.  As usual our busy team of elves have been hard at work hanging lights, wrapping gifts, sprinkling snow and trying to stop H1 from eating all the fruit cake.  We have lots in store for you all over the next few weeks, so be sure to keep reading to see what is in store.

Santa’s Village Build Competition

Ho, Ho, Ho! Merry Fruitmas and Happy Holidays! It’s time for another build comp - Fruitmas edition of course! Santa Claus has tasked you with creating a Fruitmas Village that showcases the magic of the holidays. For the first time in FruitServers history, you can build in pairs OR alone for the December Build Comp! The build comp starts now and closes on the 28th of December. The top 3 places can win Store Credit, the exclusive Build Comp Winner Chattag and more in-game rewards! Check the dedicated discord forum for more information on rules, prizes, guidelines, and how to enter. Get building!

Fruitmas Opening

There were 57 ornaments created by our community across the servers and each and every one of them were amazing! Congratulations to the Prison and Survival server for decorating the best Fruitmas Tree! Now that the Fruitmas Trees are all decorated, the Fruitmas Festivities can kick off!

Join us for the grand opening of the Fruitmas Festivities at /warp Fruitmas on Survival, Skyblock, and Prison! H1’s elves have been working hard on planning and designing activities, events, and competitions to keep you busy this December!

Visit the North Pole’s Gingerbread Post Office to send gifts to friends and fellow players, write wish lists for Santa, or if you’re feeling particularly inspired, write an enchanting story about the magic of the holidays!

Discover which reindeer is leading your sleigh - does Prancer’s elegance or Dasher’s speed suit you most? Find out by taking the quiz and receive exclusive collectibles!

It wouldn’t be Fruitmas without an advent calendar! Unwrap the fruity magic and spirit of gift-giving by opening a daily gift from the 1st of December up until the 25th! Visit the NPC in the Fruitmas Areas to receive your daily gifts.

Keep an eye out for later in the month for our Fruitmas Cracker Joke Competition on Discord! The more cracking puns, jokes, and laughs the merrier! Santa doesn’t want me to spoil all the surprises (and I don’t want to end up on the naughty list…), so the rest you’ll need to discover for yourself at /Warp Fruitmas!

Tonight at 8PM AEDT Fruit Survival will kick off the celebrations with a christmas themed skin competition, Santa photos with FruitServer’s very own cake-giving H1N9, and Fruitmas Parkour! Adorn your Ugliest Christmas Sweater, Most Festive Costume, and best Santa or Elf skin to win a prize the skin comp.

Welcome to December! The month of Fruitmas, on Prison this month we have a special area organised just for you! When Spleg is away, the Prisoners will play. Come one, come all! You are Cordially invited to join us on Prison in our wonderful Winter Wonderland. In this brand new space you can traverse the slopes of our Alpine Resort and ski fields, or you can explore the shopping in the Resort Village plus so much more!

A huge thank you to our incredible staff team who put in a lot of effort with this brand new space and all the events! With our special Fruitmas themed events coming up, I hope you’ll join us on Prison to celebrate with us! We look forward to seeing you there.

Also special congratulations to KawaGuardian for earning her shiny new Mod badge. You've done an excellent job so far! Keep it up!

★Vote Competition★

Do you love playing on Fruit Servers?  Voting is a way you can help us out and show everyone what an amazing community we have here!  Voting helps us spread the word of our server, and brings in new players, which helps to keep us active.  Voting only takes a few minutes of your time, and it really does a lot to help us out, so a big Thank You to everyone who takes the time to vote for us.  Every month we award prizes to the top three players who have voted the most over the month, who each get a voucher to spend at the store, remember tho, votes are tallied a few hours before the end of the month, so last minute votes may not get counted.  Congratulations to this month's top voters.

★Top Players★

Fruitservers is an amazing community because of the people that are a part of it. Every month one player and one staff member from each server are selected and acknowledged for their contribution to the server, whether it be in-game or behind the scenes.

Survival POTM

BusyBeesKnees has shown themselves to be a friendly and helpful player this month, who has been welcoming to everyone, new and old, engaging in fun chats, and participating in events and activities. Thank you for being a wonderful part of our community BusyBeesKnees!

Skyblock POTM

xLisjuhhh has embodied the Skyblock spirit this month, welcoming new players, being friendly and kind to all, and being inclusive to others. Thank for for keeping Fruitservers a friendly place, and congratulations xLisjuhhh!

Prison POTM

Congratulations linden. Ever since you joined the server you've been fun to have around and made a big splash! Engaging with the community and having fun with your cheeky antics! Keep bringing smiles to many faces!

Survival SOTM

Over the last six months Claudiaiia has spent a huge amount of time helping to develop new activities, events and builds for the server. She always has high expectations of herself, and she lives up to them every time, delivering some absolutely amazing work. Not only does she work hard on her own projects, but she is always checking in on other staff, supporting and guiding them whenever she can. Thank you Claudiaiia, Survival would not be the same without you!

Skyblock SOTM

AuzzieHulk has really come into his own this last month or more, helping out with all of the activities we put together for the server, including working with the Skyblock team to get all of our Fruitmas festivities ready on time. Keep up the great work and congratulations Auzzie!

Prison SOTM

Ever since she joined the Event team Wolfy has been wonderful! Bringing life to the team and making events super enjoyable and inclusive for everyone! Thank you for all the hard work you do to make events so fun for everyone!

★Staff Opportunities★

The Fruit Servers Family is always looking for new members to help us to continue to grow and develop our community. We are especially looking for people to join our event coordinators and builders, so if you would like to be part of something special, head over to the discord and fill in a staff application, we would love to hear from you.  Once a player has submitted a successful application, we offer complete training and support to ensure that every staff member’s experience is a positive one, so if you do not think you have the skills right now, don’t worry, we can help.  If you want more information on a staff position, please contact one of our friendly staff either in game or via discord.

This brings us to the end of another monthly post, dont forget to pop on every day to check the advent calendar, and make sure you keep an eye on the events calendar for a month full of festive fun!  Have a jolly December Fruitsters!


End of Post.