Obstacle Course, Briezyy Style!
Written by ipoodalittle

Hey everyone! Briezyy here giving you some information on the upcoming obstacle course that I and a bunch of amazing fruitlings have been working on the past few days, it will be held this fruitilicious hump day (wednesday) at 8pm.

It will all be pretty straight forward, once arriving at the starting point please have a read of the signs within the area, once you have read the signs line up at the starting point and prepare yourselfs for the torture.. I mean fantastic time you will have. For this course you'll be challenged by water, ice, perilous heights and a bit of mazes to drive you insane! Don't worry though ... it is doable! (We think).

There will be 5 rounds, the first 3 players to cross the line in each round will receive a prize. (That means 15 prizes up for grabs!)

There will also be be another prize for the player that completes the whole course the quickest.


  • NO Magic Carpets
  • NO Enderpearls
  • NO Flying
  • NO Going outside the designated areas
  • NO Breaking or placing blocks

Here is a sneaky peak for all you users who read this post!

If you have any questions feel free to post them below, otherwise we look forward to seeing you juicy fruitlings at the event!


End of Post.