Obstacle Course Recap!!
Written by ipoodalittle

Hello everyone!

So as we all know, yesterday's event was Obstacle Course, hosted and created by the only and only Windy! Whoops! I mean BRIEZYY! He has been working hard the past few days to create a course that challenges all users ... through leaping, swimming, hurdling, and the terrors of boating and spiderwebs!

Due to the lengthof time it took for players to complete the course, there was only 3 rounds held, however they were still action packed!

First Round:

1st: Le_Commandment
2nd Cahms
3rd QueenLagoona
4th Mad_Master
5th Dexylicious

Second Round:

Round 2
1st Le_Commandment
2nd Mad_Master
3rd Dexylicious
4th QueenLagoona

Final Round:

Round 3
1st Cahms
2nd Mad_Master
3rd Dexylicious
4th xSilent_Knightx
5th Amber_mx
6th Gameboy83256

It was a fantastic evening! We also saw our Teamspeak server boom with users playing the event! I even counted up to 20 people in one channel at once!!!!!!! Hopefully Briezzy will want to host some more rounds soon!!!

End of Post.