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Hello Fruitasticle Peoples! Auz here bringing you another exquisite dab of Juicy Nectar from the holy Banana Elixir.


Greetings FruitChaps, and I hope you had an excellent and hot weekend! Apologies for the delayed post, this one is going to be a focus on the August Build Competition. As I'm sure you are aware, the theme is FairyTales. So without further a-do, we'll start with the cleshay of all cleshays.

Once upon a time...



  • Number of players since opening day: 10658!
  • Current monthly donation progress: 61%!
  • Current monthly top donator: The88thMidnight

Friday's Game

Last Friday's Musical Beds was a fantastic success. A total of 28 players joined in and had a ball. Our lovely winners were:

1st Round:   iMeow

2nd Round:  iMeow

3rd Round:   vTate

Thanks again and see you at the next game!


The HighRoller i$ the highe$t donator on the $erver, here i$ where we acknowledge their effort$ and $upport and publically $tate any runner-up$ that may be threatening the HighRoller. Not long after the famou$ battle for the crown of Blocker06 and Goldsta, long time heavy-weight champion Handyman_Sam has a ta$te for hi$ rightful tag; the doller $ign. He come$ in with a ma$$ive blow to Goldsta wounding him greatly. However... Goldsta $hrug$ it off, and come$ back with $omething we've never $een before! He DOUBLED Handy'$ previou$ donation, ab$olutely $tunning the audience in the proce$$. Thi$ really wa$ an incredible battle, but the war i$n't over.

We are preparing big bonuses for the HighRoller through a number of plugins shortly, so it will be well worth it to fight for the crown in the hopes that Goldsta will let up.

The HighRoller has a '$' before their username in-game


Limited Time Item

Check out the store to see a Limited time only Undead Horse Disguise! This will only last a week, so get in quick!

More store additions are planned in the coming weeks, so get keen!

Build Competition

Hello there. Alright so this month we need to flick the creativity switch. The theme is fairytales however this can be quite broad. It basically means anything Fantasy related can be exploited by your sneaky use of block placement and colour choice. It would be incredible for us to see a story behind the build, incorporate signs, decorative armour stands, detail can go a long way. You could do anything from a Humpty Dumpty wall with a large round egg on top, or even Hansel and Gretel's Cottage, all the way to the extremeities of Minas Tirith from Lord of the Rings or a giant Nimbus 2000 from Harry Potter (Lol). If you think your idea may seem a little far fetched, consult a staff member to see if it falls into the appropriate theme.

Competition Rules:

- Build must be finished by the 30th of August- Users MUST work individually- Build must follow the theme of the month
- Build must be created in the survival world- Only one entry per user


The prizes for this month are as follows -
1st Place: $20 Store Voucher and $7000 in-game money2nd Place: $15 Store Voucher and $5000 in-game money3rd Place: $10 Store Voucher and $3000 in-game money.How to post your entry:
To post your competition entry, simply create a warp and post it in the comments section of this post, or write the co-ordinates.

- This months Build Competition Rewards will apply towards your rank

Forum Topic

This weeks Discussion Topis is: 'Favourite Fairytale or Fantasy Movie'

Joining in on this topic may help you with ideas fo your build!

Click here to view it.

So have a very fruity, Happy Ending. Remember to check the Events page every week to keep updated!

Love, that Zombie that rides chickens,

Auzzie <3

End of Post.