Onion-less Snags!?
Written by LadyAmayo

Holy heckerino cappucino, what a week we’ve had! It’s your favourite bread-spread Amayonnaise here with the weekly recap of what went down in Fruit Town (with the onions on the bottom)!




Players Joined: 7,142

Players Joined: 3,964

Players Joined: 3,777

% of Monthly Goal: 401%

% of Monthly Goal: 97%

% of Monthly Goal: 12%

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Current Top Donator:


Current Top Donator:



We’re halfway through November now, and what’s that.. Sounds like.. A drumroll! We just came out of a fantastic, spook-tacular halloween festival, so you just know that there’s gotta be something big coming up on the horizon for next month... (Give you a hint, there's onions... on the side!)

Staff Updates

Our Staff Team has remained the same this week, but we could always use some extra hands on deck! If you’re interested in applying for Moderator, Event-Coordinator (Hey, that’s me!), or as a Builder for Survival, follow this link! https://www.fruitservers.net/staff

What a crazy week we’ve had! Wednesday’s event, Musical Chairs, was a little bit of a mess.. And if it wasn’t for our wonderful Moderation Team, not to mention Ahtnamas, we sure would’ve been in deep water (without the onions!)! We only held two rounds for this event, so our two winners were TheKasa and FaultyPro.

Friday’s event Bingo surely did outshine Wednesday’s with an awesome number of players participating in the fun! With PaperCactus and Amayo on the scene, the artsy-duo promised a great night with some fun and laughter! Our winners for this event were:
DanTheAussieMan, Brekkie, and Afrorunner!

Selfie of the week

Coggo got all fired up for this week’s Selfie of the Week! Let’s hope things don’t get too heated between our competitors for next week’s! Make sure you don't forget to post your selfie on the forums!





Hi pals, Welcome back to another week on skyblock!

Staff updates

Unfortunately this week Gizalien stepped down from her position as Mod :( If you feel like you have what it takes to be a Skyblock staff member try your luck in applying! https://www.fruitservers.net/staff


We found ourselves trapped in the maze again on monday!! The lucky players who escaped were! Joodicate & Silverfall11

We played some King of the Hill!! The winners of the night were! Silverfall11, Euphoriella, Haratsuni, Skerny, Akerse and Z3gendaryX!!

And finally, For the last event of the week we played one more game of bingo! Congrats to D2xx, Haratsuni, Akerse, Stirl2, CrispyMS, Mmaster12345, Skerny, Bayleecraft and Mz_Tee!

Don’t forget to Post your selfies in Selfie of the week for a chance to win tokens!

>>Marriages of the week!<<  


Selfie of the week

CrispyMS has won Selfie of the week showing off their festive spirit already!


The Prison Team is also keeping an eye out for anyone seeking to join the warden ranks, keeping those prisoners in line! If you want to join their staff team, be sure to submit an application! https://www.fruitservers.net/staff

Server Announcements

Build Competition

As 1.13.2 has caused issues for our Creative Server we will not be hosting a build comp this month due to the lack of World Edit. But don’t feel disheartened, keep practicing your building for our next Build Comp, or to try out for our fantastic Build Team!

That just about sums this week up! Thank you for keeping up with the kardash- FruitServers weekly post, and we’ll see what next week has in store for us...

End of Post.