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A new week means a new post! As we draw closer and closer to the opening ceremony of the Fruitlympics, Survival, Skyblock and Prison are getting their game faces on! We’re looking forward to showing you all the amazing builds and events. Pixelmon was released on Saturday and has been a huge hit! There are so many new features to talk about, so buckle up and let's get into the weekly recap!





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Fruit Pixelmon has launched! This server has been a massive effort to bring to life and I would like to thank Goldsta, Benja, Geek and the Builders especially for all of their hard work. Pixelmon is the most complex undertaking Fruit has ever done from a technical standpoint. Unlike Survival, Prison and Skyblock, Pixelmon runs on Sponge - which a bit like Spigot. This has meant that nearly everything on the server is custom and had to be re-coded from the ground up. All of the normal custom plugins we use simply don't work on Sponge. I'd like to thank all of the players who have purchased stuff in the stores over the past few months to make this amazing new addition to our Fruity community possible.

Fruit Pixelmon is unique - no surprises there! I wanted to do our own take on Pixelmon and not do what a lot of the other servers are doing. It is a real combination between Survival and Pixelmon which I thought would be best for the community. This allows us to roll out a lot more custom features for the server and really enhance the gameplay. Our custom Pixelmon MCMMO is just the first glimpse at this and I can't wait to show you all what we have planned.

Like any new server, there are still things to be worked on, bugs, crashes and stuff to be polished! So if you see something that isn't quite right or you think could be added / improved, please let us know!

Pixelmon is now also open for staff applications HERE.

1.16 is being released this week. As always, it will take us time to update everything before we can move to the new version. Each major Minecraft update gets messier and messier to do. From this perspective, we will be taking things slow and not rushing into the update otherwise. New updates bring a lot of lag, bugs and crashes which is not what any of us like. It can take weeks for spigot and everyone to start updating their stuff, never mind making it bug free. We will be allowing players to connect with 1.16 clients as soon as possible so that it is easy for everyone. A date and time for when we will update to 1.16 will be announced asap. For Survival, this will involve resetting the nether to bring all of the new pointless features into the game.

H1 would like to thank you for reading his essay.

Have an idea for a custom advancement?  Suggest them HERE

Now available on Survival is Fruity Quests! The first season of Fruity Quests runs for four weeks, with new quests available each week.  Complete the quests to earn experience and level up. There are ten tiers to advance through, which will award you with new and better rewards the higher the tier!  There are also daily quests which you can do for some bonus experience, these refresh daily when the server restarts. To begin your quest adventure type /bp in game, this will bring up the Fruity Quests GUI, show you what tier you are at, what rewards you can win, and what quests you can do.

Happy Questing!


No staff updates this week.


No staff updates this week.


No staff updates this week.


With the release of pixelmon came five new staff members! Please welcome ItzBezz, Reubs, Kuote and Raqus onto the Mod team, and Opalz as Mod+.

We are always on the hunt for new staff members for our moderating, event coordinator or builder teams!

If you think you have something to offer why not put in an application via the website by clicking HERE

Join us every night at 8pm AEST for our nightly events!

Check out this weeks calendar for what games we will be playing.

Monday -

Event Free Night

Tuesday -

Prison Games Night

Wednesday -

Corners on Survival

Thursday - 

Skyblock Games Night

Friday -

Bingo on Survival 

Saturday -

Skyblock Games Night

Sunday -

Prison Games Night

Come along to events and you could win yourself keys or tokens.  This weeks winners are:


iGoner, bupteddie, AGreninja101, gorov, MajorieSimpson, hoyz91, TheKasa, xMrYoshi, cbanksy97, Spleggeti, Tacomans41, H1N9, Nebula_, St0nkatr0n, bupteddie, meanttobeyours.

The Weekly Wordsearch Winner: Condalicious! Next week's theme is Pokemon, go to /warp wordsearch to enter.


Dazzagc, Tally_Ho, tacomans41, Rappart, Sparkly_Bubble, Shakoda, Bootable, B3ast619, lyyz, Ribol, GFEAR334, Zootable, Whitecuriouslion, Seitanist666, JVIDZ, LilyReine, wikipeaadia, Natjatasja, spleggeti, condalicious, cbanksy97, hakunamatata0805, lilSpookyFrog, _Ravioli, Arbory.

The Weekly Wordsearch Winner: Zootable! Check out /warp wordsearch and have a crack at this week's theme Mario Characters.


Condalicious, B3ast619, Shakoda, Its_Rothy, Princesspoppy2, SpookyTrix, BrockChoy, Derangd, ImKayne, spleggeti, H1N9, Opalz, LD04H, Dazzagc, TheSilentKnight_, RhedaWarrior, xCuPcAkEaNaTeRx.

Thanks to Rothy, Prison now has it's very own Find-A-Word! It's a little different from the ones seen on Skyblock and Survival, so be sure to have a crack at it! I hear there's some AWESOME prizes! Click HERE for more info!

Fruity Marriages - Wedding bells were ringing for this week’s happy couples!











Want to marry that special someone? Contact a staff member

and they can help you on your way to wedded bliss.


Selfie of the Week - To enter Selfie of the Week upload your image to the forum thread HERE


“It’s over now Asprob, I have the high ground now…”

Congrats Atha_Nasia!


“New Skyblock spawn ready to go for Fruitlympics”

Congratulations Tacomans41!

We love to see what you get up to during the week, so make sure you post

a selfie to the forum thread before Sunday night to be in the running for a token.

When you post your selfie be sure to mention which server you took

the selfie on, and write a caption for it also.

Post your selfies HERE


Build Competition - Theme for June is MOVIES!

The possibilities for this comp are endless, limited only by your imagination.  Remember the more players who enter the build comp, the better the prizes become, so get together with your friends and start working on those movie themed builds now.

Find more information on the build competition including how to submit your entries in the forums on the forum thread HERE.

Competition Rules

  • The build is limited to 100x100 in size, we'd suggest marking out these dimensions beforehand.
  • The build must follow the theme - Movies!
  • The build must be completed by 11:59pm 29th June, 2020 (AEST)
  • You must work alone, you will be disqualified if others help you.
  • All entries must be built on the Creative server.
  • As cool as pixel art is, this isn't the place for it.
  • Don't copy another person's work, BE ORIGINAL!

Entry and Prize Structure

A forum thread is up where you can submit your entries as well as find out what the prize structure will be. To make things easier for everyone, please only submit your entry on the prize structure thread. Lazy attempts will receive a substantially smaller prize, you have been warned! Remember - 15 quality entries and the prizes will increase!

Come one! Come all! Only 11 sleeps until one of the biggest events of the year! Better start training, only the best of the best will take home the crown for their server!

Signups are a-waiting for you to put your name down! Take a look at the forum HERE.

That’s a wrap! Looking forward to the fruitlympics very shortly, and good luck to everyone on the grind to get their Pixelmon team to the top! Don't forget to Like, Comment, and Subscribe!

~ Majestyy & Bayleecraft


End of Post.