Please welcome two new characters into Fruitverse!
Written by Meloonnn

MWhaaha!! Looks like i’ve captured you all into reading another post! What brought you here? Im assuming you are all anxiously waiting for all of the new xoxoGOSSIPgikda from the last week and as we creep closer and closer to halloween it gets spookier! So take a read and prepare for our mysteries ahead.. Shall we? ~ We shall!

The Rundown

Survival                                                                         Skyblock

Number of players joined: 9780!                                     Number of players joined: 1432!

Currently 163% of the monthly goal!                              Currently 62% of the monthly goal!

Current monthly top donator: Void_Alchemist                Current monthly top donator: WackierSky3

Beyond the Bowl

Sadly, this week we have absolutly no new updates from our staff team. Think you have got what it takes to be on our FruitServers staff team? Feel free to take a chance and apply for one of our special roles. Applications are looked at throughout the entire month so whynot test your luck!

Exciting News

Sorry to interupt the read, but i have some super exciting news for all of you!! Want to win a fruitsters key? Of course you do! And guess what.... its simple!! If you didnt already know our FruitServers has a Facebook page!! This page has lots of fun and exciting photos which are uploaded daily...for every 25 new likes on the Fruit Facebook page we will give away a free key to everyone online at 8PM AEST that night! So make sure you go like the page!!!!! Click Here!

Also!!! I am very pleased to welcome two new very special characters to the Fruitverse! Both of these fruity new characters are NPC's and you will be seeing them ingame very soon. We have loads of awesome things coming your way so make sure you stay tuned! Introducing…. Tash the Farmer & Josh the Hunter!!!

And also!!! New perks!!! We have two new perks entering our Fruitservers, the first one being; /pweather! Which allows you to select which ever type of weather you would like ingame. The other perk being; SparkleGun! Our new SparkleGun allows you to zap players with your wand, you recieve $10 for every different player you zap! (You can only zap a certain player once).

Stay tuned for more new update!


On the 12th of October, we played a few amazing rounds of Protect the Captain!! Woo!! With this exciting news we have some results as we watched you players in desperate need to find the other teams captain! Overall Blue team walked away with the win, leaving the night winning 3-1! Better luck next time Red Team :( Here are the results!

Red Team: Le_Commandant, LittleSsavage, TheSilentKnight_, Rainbooty, Matty_Mactruck, Barish_, leo19_8 & Blunderdownunder!

Blue Team: Ukoh, Argent_Chat21, Captionspaz, TheWolfPrince_, Charmsi, NawhaleBiscuits & LegendBeta!

Round One - Red Team Captain: Le_Commandant         Blue Team Captain:  Argent_Chat21

Round Two - Blue Team Captain: TheWolfPrince_

Round Three - Red Team Captain:  leo19_8

Round Four - Blue Team Captain: Ukoh

On the 14th of October, we headed over to Skyblock to play a few rounds of Bingo!! Minus our few technical issues… of Lagoona & EstherBunny blowing up the item dispensers.. You fruitsters had an amazing time all on the edges of your seats waiting for your items to be called! Time for results!

Round One: Roiley                          Round Two: melongrip                       Round Three: Bloo

Round Four: Estionese                    Round Five: Dusty_Tomato

Pppsst…. Make sure you keep calm and spooped for halloween events towards the end of the month they will be beginning on the 23rd! We will make sure you fruitsters have a great time celebrating this time of year with us, so please do stay tuned for what we have install!

Build Comp

Following tradition, the theme for the build competition this month will be Halloween! The competition will be held in the creative world, which means vouchers for this month's contest will NOT be counting towards your donation rank. Everyone is encouraged to enter, and the best entries may be used for events in the near future!

Competition Rules

- Build must be finished by 31st October.

- Players are restricted to working individually.

- Build must be completed in the Creative World.

- Do not build chestrooms, spawners, massive farms etc. We want creativity, not everyday things.

- Only one entry per individual.

- No pixel art!

- Keep redstone minimal if you have to use it

How to post your Entry

To enter this month's competition, please leave a comment either on this post or one of the following weekly posts stating so, or use a warp if you're building on someone else's plot. If you have run out of warps, please let a staff member know.


If you've won a voucher, please speak to H1N9 or a Community Manager about redeeming it. If you're really confident in yourself and you think you can nab a voucher in the next month, you'd be happy to know they do add up!

Notable Weddings

SKYBLOCK                                                      SURVIVAL

No Weddings :(                                                  Whitecuriouslion + Zacrob17 <3

pooydooy + luukv2501 <3

Thats a rap!

Welp yet AGAIN we have come to the end of another amazing weekly post!! There will be many more to come so dont stress!! As another post passes, halloween comes closer and closer and I dont know about you but im so excited to scare all of you… i mean…. Celebrate halloween with you all! We would love to see all of your fruity halloween skins & spooky decorations around the server so feel free to join in on the spirit! It wouldnt be a weekly post without the Screenshots of the Week & Meme of the Week so lets get into it!

Screenshots of the Week

Survival:                                                                                     Skyblock:

Meme of the Week

Hey! Its our fruity friend from Skyblock ~ Dusty_Tomato!

~ Melon

End of Post.