Prison Launch!
Written by Lagoonaa

Ohh emm geee hi everybody! Welcome back to another weekly post! I missed you. It’s been a very eventful week with many new things popping in to our community! So sit back and relax and enjoy the show :)

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Beyond The Bowl

From promotions on our survival server, to new staff on our prison server. Yes. You heard it correctly. Fruity Prisons has arrived! We cannot contain how much hype we have gained over the past weeks and we are so excited or more to come!

Prison Trailer:

On our Survival server this week, we sadly only had some of our lovely team members depart from our team :( We saw the loss of our amazing Frettje003, XX_jamtin_XX, Reeke and Sleepy_Ninja to our team. We hope they still come around to say hi and you will be missed!

Over on Skyblock however, we had many, many updates! Starting off with the sad news, unfortunatley our much loved lilrae and BillionBear_ left the team. Again, we hope to still see you around! On the bright side, we saw 2 special players get promoted to T-Mod, Pixerative and AnAlphaLonzy! Congratulations you 2! And last but of course not least, PrinnyLord, Ink3d_, BigSauce_, TheChoccyMilk and TheRealLexii all stepped up in there positions from T-Mod to fully fledged Moderator! Wow!

And of course, we have our newly announced prison server, and we can’t leave them out! We have had 3 staff updates so far over there, all of which are friendly faces from our Survival and Skyblock servers. Kezzedy and Ascc both left their roles as Survival and Skyblock moderators to pursue as Prison mods! Yay! And of course, our amazing WittyQuip was promoted to T-Mod and we are all so excited :D

Think you have what it takes to be a Moderator, Event-C or Builder? Try your luck in applying! Our doors are always open and we are happy to have some new faces join our team :D



With a fun filled week consisting of an End Reset, Spleef Llama racing, lets jump into some results!

Congratulations to our spleef winners: brekkie, hypractiv_, LifeOfBlu and yarrum00! Woohoo!

And well done to our Llama lurerers: Budddii, EmDeLaCreme, Kairinezz, DiamondMaster98 and GamingPro25!


And also with some hyped up events over on Skyblock, we had Spleef, Hide and Seek and Magical Chairs! Drumroll please…

Good job to the spleefers: Spleggeti, Remex_ and ExpressoYourself!

Congratulations to the amazing seekers: demski, Siliconne, Spleggeti, _NeatoBurrito, OzHomer, Rashlyn, silverfall11, piperrainfield and Enzine!

And finally, well done to our dancers of the night: Breakerb15, Joodicate and itee123! Yay!

Keep up with our event schedule here!


Message a staff member in game to be joined with your loved one <3


PtownUsedSplash NGGSoulStopper
Kairinezz aussinator
Shadowmajestic _misskarma_


Pixerative Budddii
Tank_Dabain YemoJunior
PrinnyL0rd Spleggeti

Build Competition

May's build competition theme will once more be something we haven't explored before - Western! Gunslingers rejoice, this month you get to show us your interpretation of the Wild Wild West! We're looking forward to seeing more incredible entries!

Competition Rules:

- Build must be finished by 30th May.

- Players are restricted to working individually.

- Build must be completed on the Creative Server.

- Do not build chestrooms, spawners, massive farms etc. We want creativity, not everyday things.

- Only one entry per individual.

- No pixel art!

- Keep redstone minimal if you must use it.

- Do NOT copy anyone else's builds, not even ones you find on Google images!

- Minimum 5 entries. There will be no winners announced if we don't get at least 5 entries!

- Builds need to be started and completed within the same month. You cannot use assets from previous entries.

- Completed entries that don't earn a top prize will net the builder a token on the server of their choice.

Selfie Of The Week

“The end reset aftermath” by WittyQuip, we love seeing these selfies of our community being so coot. Congratulations Witty!

See ya next week!

~Lagoona <3

End of Post.