Prison Reset - Friday Morning!
Written by H1N9

This Friday, Fruit Prison will be resetting. The server will be down for a while so that we can introduce a whole pile of new content and changes to the server. Here are some important things to note:

  • Ranks and perks will be kept
  • Make sure to store all of your COSMETICS into your /cosmetics vault
  • Place anything else you would like to view in future maps into your Fruit Collectables vault with /fc
  • Balances, Planet Progress, MCMMO levels and everything else will be reset

Now… time to highlight some of the new features!


With this new upcoming wipe of prison, we will be introducing Quests. As a lot of people would have noticed, there have been NPC’s popping up at all planet spawns. Interacting with these NPCs will give you a quest - a brand new way to to earn some extra money, experience points and starcoins. If the community likes them, we will be significantly expanding into more gameplay in this area over the course of this map.

Co-op Play

We have finally implemented a co-op feature for Prison, this will finally allow people to play together as a group of friends - if you have any! This feature is for players who are going to be playing the server together and not wanting to progress individually!

When in-game type /party create (party name) and then you can invite your friends when you first start playing Prison by /party invite player_name. The whole purpose of this new feature is to allow players to progress with friends and help each other out. Few key points about the teams:

  1. Players can only team up if they are on the same Planet Level
  2. Max group size is 4-5 Players
  3. Players can only progress through prison when 2 or more players are online during the time you are progressing.

Co-op Plots

You all asked for it, and it is now here! Co-Op plots! You can now add your friends to your very own plot to build together! With Chest limits being removed for everyone’s benefit, you can now enjoy your plots without those restrictions! Plot Biomes will be Purchasable in the /shop for you to change the Biome to what you want! Mob Spawn Eggs will also be a new addition to Prison in the /warp plotshop! We will now be allowing players to spawn and start their own animal farms.

This is still a very different system from Skyblock. There are no minions and resource collection will be limited to your planet level as always.

Crate Rebalance

Crates have been completely revamped to be more balanced for all players, from changes to the Vote Crate, Party Crate, Fruitsters Crate and Monthly Crate. These changes are here to make the crates less OP and more bang for your buck sort of drops!

Vote Crate:

  • Removed Fishing and Mining Tokens.
  • Removed Monthly and Fruitster Key.
  • Removed Mcmmo Credits
  • Removed Mending and Fortune 3 from JackHammer Pickaxe
  • Grass, Quartz, Bricks, Basalt added for extra items
  • Swapped sea lanterns with glowstone

Party Crate:

  • Nerf Red Dwarf to 16 and SuperNova Steak was changed to Stellar Soup
  • Remove the 250 & 200 mcmmo and vote credits
  • Add a 50 mcmmo and vote credits.
  • Add a JackHammer Mk2. Eff 5, Unbreaking 5, Mending.
  • Nerf the Mining and Fishing Tokens
  • Lower chance to get Bloodlust Axe to 2.5%
  • Added More Grass,Quartz,Basalt and bricks (Full Stacks)
  • Swap sea lanterns with glowstone

Fruitsters Crate:

  • Remove 250 vote points
  • Replace Heroic and Legendary books with 10 Elite and 5 Ultimate
  • Added Enchanted Golden Apple

Monthly Crate:

  • Removed BlockTrak and StatTrak, Mob Trak
  • 5 Heroic and replace with 10 Legendary
  • Changed Fruitster key to 1, Party key to 3 and Vote key to 5
  • Added token sword and removed Token armor.
  • Added Enchanted Golden Apple (5)
  • Added Netherite Ingot.

Brand New Prestige Hub along with Prestige Enchants

Prestiged Players will now be able to Warp to a Prestige Hub to gain access to Prestige-Only benefits which include:

  • Prestige Enchants
  • Prestige Commissary
  • Prestige Mines

Rule Changes

Rule 11 has also been removed! With the new features added to Prison, we decided it was best for the players to now not worry about staff keeping an eye on if you were helping out players with cash amounts. There have also been some little aesthetic changes to our rules, so make sure to check those out in-game!

A massive thank you to spleggeti and the team for organising all of this new content. We hope you come and check it out!

End of Post.