Prison Reset - 26/04/24
Written by spleggeti

Hello Prisoners!

On Monday the 22nd of April, Prison will be Closing for Staff to prepare for a Season Reset. The Server will be down until the 26th of April which is when we will be announcing the amazing Feature we have for the new season.

Times are modernising and big changes are coming so buckle up and get ready for another amazing Season!

Like with every reset, we will be resetting everything, this include balances, builds, McMMO, inventories etc. The Build World will also be reset this Season.

You will keep your ranks and perks as always.

So take the next few days to stash anything you want to keep in your Fruit Collectibles, type /fruitcollectibles to add items. Don't know how to use it? Read our Wiki page on the topic.

We are looking forward to hear what you think of all the cool new feature we have prepared, so get keen!

End of Post.