Written by SirEraze

Hey! Its me again, just stopping in!

As i said in the last post, things are coming along, just sadly not as fast as we wished in the beginning.
Basically, we have been waiting on a select few plugins to be updated and ready for use so players can start joining, as well as getting the new donation system up and running.

We are very close, and should take much longer. Another factor that most of you already know is the fact that I have been sick for the past couple days, so things got a little slow at times.
However, I am back on track along with the team, and we are ready to go!

Time estimate?
Okay.. so.. we are "Aiming" for this weekend, however this isn't certain. We will try our best to deliver, but if we cant, don't run in front of a train...

Talk soon! Regards,
Eraze and the Team.

End of Post.