Written by Meloonnn

Hello Fruitylicious peeps it's HelloMelon & iMeoww here filling ya'll in on the spectacular Protect the Captain event hosted last night!! So sit back... Chillax and enjoy the Recap!!

The teams consisted of;

Red Team: 4t4, Bean_, Lagoonaa, SirNebula, ItsSquish, QuickFrost, SMAN27415, Quackaz, Sprinkles & ReddeadFlame31!

Blue Team: TJ_Pvp, DatBaccaGirl, Badgerrific, Dimbotron, BongKnight, Mitunzz, PugzTheGamer. Easterbee & __Chocolate__!

Oh and by the way a HUGE thanks to iMeoww for filling in for both teams!

Round 1:

It was a nail biting round of absolute destruction as Blue Team took control and snatched the 1st round with ease!

Red Captain: Lagoonaa

Blue Captain: Badgerrific

Round 2:

Very quickly a huge amount of pressure was put onto the back of the Red Team as the Blue Team had gained their first point! The pressure helped! And Red Team took home the 2nd round.

Red Captain: Quackaz

Blue Captain:  DatBaccaGirl

Round 3:

Its a tie! This round was possibily the most brutal as it lasted for around half an hour. In the end, Red Team took this round too!

Red Captain: SirNebula
Blue Captain: Dimbotron

Round 4:

As the two final captains race each other to the ships. Blue came out quickest ...... Climbing 'aboard Blue Team we're victorious!

Red Captain: QuickFrost

Blue Captain: iMeoww

But wait..... Thats means..... The 4 rounds we played.... Were a tie!! This is unacceptable! Lets get a true winner, a Pvp battle between the Mvp for each team.

Red Team Mvp: QuickFrost

Blue Team Mvp: BongKnight

Wanna hear some results? Drumroll Please!



A huge Congratulations to both teams as they both used all of their strength and dignity to play for their teams! But a bonus Congratulations to Blue Team for leaving tonight with a victory. Both teams took home a lovely enchanted flower for participation and the Mvp's were given a cheeky axe each for all their trouble during the rounds!

Thats a rap on the Protect the Captain event! Hope you all have a BEAUTIFUL night wherever you're from and dont forget about the special Mother's Day events happening this coming weekend!!!

HelloMelon and iMeoww ouuttt!!!

End of Post.