Pumpkin Spicing It Up
Written by MrRandom287

With Halloween creeping up on us, we should rush into this week’s post

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Staff Updates

Good news, we have a new Event Coordinator! Everyone please welcome Bayleecraft to the team! We’re super excited about having her join us!

Our Staff Squad is currently on the hunt for Moderators, Builders and Event-Coordinators! So if you’re interested in applying… follow this link! https://www.fruitservers.net/staff


Part of celebrating Halloween is the awesome costumes that people wear on the night. The Survival server is hosting a Skin Contest on Thursday the 31st of October! There will be four categories, The Best Fruit, The Scariest Skin, the Funniest Skin and the Best Group Skins. We would love to see all of you there rocking your costumes. If you’d like more information or have a question about it, check out the forum post.

After a couple of weeks off, the wordseach is back at /warp events. Come check it out and find the 10 hidden words, for your chance to win a token!

On Wednesday, we played many rounds of the fun game of Bingo! PotatoJacket, Cupid, lachiesteve, Zeusiee, xJimmy_, _SJLee_, Cupid and ItzBezz won during the standard rounds whilst InkyLink had the RNG Gods on their side for the Full Board round.

Friday night was full of music as we played Corners! The last dancer standing in the rounds were palrBOO, CrumpetCutie, Zoeyyy_, _Jinx_1 and NaaTilly. Congratulations to all of our event winners this week!

We run events every Wednesday and Friday night at 8pm AEDST but also run pop up events throughout the week so keep your eye out for those!

Selfie of the week

EagleStripe and friends blending in the wild pool.









Welcome back to Skyblock news! Get your costumes ready, Halloween is just around the corner!

Staff Updates

Everyone’s favourite trial-mod is now everyone’s favourite moderator! Congratulations ThaTingGoesSkrr!

We’re always looking for new staff to join our team! If you feel like you have what it takes to join our Skyblock staff team apply at https://www.fruitservers.net/staff


This week we started with Bingo, everyone’s favourite event! Our luckiest players this week were Rishtin, _LilSunshine_, Bayleecraft, NotChungus, latu10, and UnderscoreJames. Congratulations!

Next up we had Spleef! FBG_Vashta, ItzBezz, Xtalize, ExplosiveBanger and Coitan squelched their way to victory this week! Good work!

And lastly, we battled it out in Sky Wars, with telibboy, D2xx, latu10, FBG_Vashta, gylfisold, Rishtin, Xtalize, ItzBezz, ExplosiveBanger, WP_Wraith and TheDusty1 coming out on top.

You can win events for cool prizes and the chance to win the coveted event tokens! These tokens can be used to purchase limited edition items at /warp token in-game. For our event schedule, visit https://www.fruitservers.net/events








Selfie of the Week

“just hanging with my friends!” Congratulations Kevroe43!

Remember! If you would like a chance to win an event token, post your selfies in selfie of the week!


Hello guys! Time for a quick rundown of another fun Prison week!

Unfortunately, Jaaah has left our staff team this week. We would like to wish them well with their future endeavors.

Event night on Tuesday started with the now traditional game of Bingo. Shakoda, LilTaco76, Bayleecraft and BallisticSam54 all took victories on the night. Next up was the Obstacle Course. The parkour masters that night were ExpressoYourself, Netzaltali, SynlessPC, Shakoda, Zeusiee and WP_Wraith. To finish off the night, we played some classic Spleef. Our winners were SynlessPC, Netzaltali, ExpressoYourself, Opalz and the honourable H1!!

Sunday started with the Obstacle Course. SynlessPC, Shakoda, ExpressoYourself, Netzaltali, ShadowBlade__, buttjamint and Xtalze all won prizes. After the parkour fun, we moved to the burning game of Spleef. Shakoda, Natzaltali, buttjamint and SynlessPC all got their hands sticky to grab their victories. The night finished with the calming game of Bingo. Netzaltali, SynlessPC, Shakoda and Xtalize all had the luck to get the trophies!

Build Competition

September's build comp theme will be Halloween! "But Goldsta, Halloween is in October you dope!" This time the build comp will run over the course of two months and the size of your build will be limited to an entire plot! Looking forward to seeing what people can come up with, there is no excuse for not having enough time to complete this build.

There are only 10 DAYS left until the submissions close! Please submit your spooky entries here.

Make sure that you submit your builds on the forum post - If we do not receive at least 5 entries the build competition will be canceled!

If you have suggestions for themes for future build competitions, please let us know in this forum thread.

With Halloween less than two weeks away, remember to get ready for the skin contest and build comp!

- Bayleecraft, kuro_shibainu, MrRandom287 & Ravioli

End of Post.